One Year. Two Grades

One year ago this afternoon Joe Biden became President of the United States. That almost dictates that I do a sort of report card article. I’m taking a little different twist on it and my education is showing.

I’m not going to go through Biden’s numerous accomplishments one by one. I’m simply going to grade his administration’s first year like a management problem. I give him a B for operations.

In business you have to not only run your shop you have to market it. In government marketing is largely communications/selling and especially considering the selling part I grade Biden’s first year a D. They accomplished a lot – not everything, this is government – but a whole lot.

The pandemic was the biggest problem facing Biden a year ago today and his team has given Americans the tools to largely control it if not defeat it. Almost every hospital bed taken up by a COVID patient is by an unvaccinated person. Under Biden vaccinations (one of which was developed totally independent of Operation Warp Speed) became easily available at no cost at the point of service. The main reason it is still a major issue in America is because of the willful ignorance of a minority of the population.

Closely aligned with the pandemic is the economy which by all measures but one is in the best shape it has been in decades if not ever. The only area where it is open to criticism is inflation. However, there is every reason to believe we are dealing with transitional, not structural inflation. Closely aligned is the supply chain issue. We had a global economy that was largely shut down and certainly changed. Now there are the challenges of reopening and in some cases retooling along with a pent-up demand for certain products. Of course, there will be temporary inflation and supply issues.

The economic alternative was massive unemployment. Would you really rather have that?

Biden’s biggest problem – and it could cost him dearly in a political sense – is that he has done a lousy job of communicating his successes and furthermore contrasting them with the other guy’s record.

Especially at the national level American politics boils down to a binary choice. Don’t let some Pollyannaish conception of the perfect be the enemy of the very good. America needs Biden and he needs a better branding/marketing/PR firm. This may be a preview of 2024, but in a choice between Biden and Donald Trump I’ll take Biden every day of the week and I’m thankful we have him. I don’t know about you but I eat the steak not the sizzle.

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  1. “They” constantly complained about the fake media and how badly Trump was treated. Methinks they’re whiners. Biden has gotten plenty of the same treatment. This is what objective analysis looks like. “They” just need to pull their big boy pants on.

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