Once (A Week) Apparently Is Not Enough

This is another instance where I’ll blame all the bad on the former guy. He just isn’t as smart as George W. Bush was – and that’s not exactly in the rare air of wisdom – and refuses to fade away. I used to go to my “various segments” format weekly; lately it seems like I need to do it twice a week.

Let’s Start With The Ringleader

Trump called into an alleged news network to comment on 1/6. The latest right wing mythology is that it really wasn’t bad. (I soon expect them to deny it even occurred.) During his comments he said that the people who entered the Capital on January 6th were kissing and hugging the Capital Police. Now I’m not trying to make light of afflictions I’m thankful that I don’t suffer from but does he think we are all visually and mentally challenged?

Now It’s Tennessee Crazy

Republican state legislatures seem to be in a contest as to which can be deemed the craziest. Tennessee just might have won the most recent round. The Tennessee Republicans have put forth a bill that would give the biological father the last say as to whether a pregnant woman could abort a fetus. The proposal makes no exceptions including incest and rape.

So let’s see, a father impregnates his daughter and can make her carry the child to term. At which point I’d assume he also has input as to whether the child could be offered for adoption.

A rapist could force his victim to carry the fetus to birth. Ditto for the adoption input.

Am I the only one who sees a problem with these two very real scenarios? I can see a case for father’s rights but this is carrying it to an extreme that is well beyond civil debate.

Felony Squad

Georgia – the only state where knocking on a door is a felony and a gang of State Police will literally drag a state legislator, Park Cannon, to jail. What they did was most likely just create a Democrat that has a good chance of winning statewide election in Georgia. Win the battle (actually more like a minor skirmish) and lose the war. Way to go Georgia GOP.

The Old Argument Is Being Recycled

One of the reasons I study history is that I am seldom surprised by current political events; most are in fact recycled. Even the insanity of Trump consisted largely of old antics from 1930s European fascists and early Soviet leaders.

The gun regulation debate is no different. I expect congressional Republicans to attempt to attack Democratic proposals on the grounds that they would not stop all mass shootings. This is a classic case of letting the non-existent perfect be the enemy of the good. To put it in good old-fashioned horse sense, what we are doing now certainly isn’t working. The selective interpretation of the last 23 words of a 27-word sentence written in the 18th century certainly is insufficient to control a 21st century situation.

Wife Of The Other Joe

President Biden nominated Gayle Manchin (a/k/a Mrs. Joe Manchin) to be Co-Chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. This move is not unprecedented. I must admit ignorance about the commission; in fact, until recently I didn’t even know it existed. Mrs. Manchin may very well be a good pick and do an outstanding job. The bottom line is that Biden is a savvy old politician and Senator Manchin is difficult to “keep on the reservation”. At least he didn’t make her Secretary of Labor or Transportation; not naming names.

Where Will The Money Come From?

We are suddenly starting to hear that argument from congressional Republicans now that a Democrat is in the Oval Office. The answer is: a lot of places but I want to site a simple one today.

Looking at the federal government like a business (which Republicans always claim we should) every agency is a cost center except for the IRS. The IRS is the only government entity that produces a net income. The rule of thumb is for every dollar they are given they bring in six dollars in revenue. That’s a pretty good deal. If anyone out there wants to hand me six bucks every time I hand them a dollar bill, I’m game!

Tax fraud runs rampant in America especially at the top income levels and that is where the real money is. We are a country that rewards white collar crime. A plethora of accountants and attorneys have “creative tax strategies” to thank for their six, seven and in some case eight figure incomes. This is a case where simply enforcing the existing laws would pay for a lot of good programs.

Some Good (Well On The Surface Anyway) News

I want to give a shout out to Krispy Kreme. First, I have to do a full disclosure. I have lived in North Carolina – Krispy Kreme’s home – for over a decade and have never partaken of any of their donuts. (I may have just admitted to a crime in this state.)

They are giving away a free donut to anyone who comes into one of their stores an offers proof of being vaccinated against COVID19. I think that is a win-win. It promotes getting vaccinated and simultaneously gets people in their stores. I ran a retail business for several years and the hardest part is getting the customer in your store for the first time. Often that is all it took to develop a regular so this is a good marketing move.

Some have criticized the company claiming donuts are not healthy foods. To me that is somewhat outside of the discussion; Krispy Kreme is in the donut business. I’m just glad to see a corporation doing something that is in the public interest.

Nice to end on a sweet note; sorry, cheap pun!

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