On The Assumption

Today is Memorial Day in America. It is the day we set aside to honor all our war dead. From the Revolutionary War on all those people died so that you and I can vote. It’s called democracy. We can (and I often do) question the war; but we should never disrespect the warrior! Nobody cuts their own orders.

I’m going to approach today’s article somewhat like an economics professor in that I am going to start with an assumption. The assumption is that Christian mythology is correct and a heaven exists with pearly gates that are guarded by Saint Peter.

What are you going to tell St. Peter when he asks you to account for your voting record?

The first question is going to be did you vote. Remember, by mythology he already knows the truth. (No alternative truths Kellyanne and all you other MAGA people.)

The second question is who did you vote for? My guess is that voting for people who hate God’s children isn’t going to go over very well. Same goes for those who enabled people to shoot innocents. Ditto for those who withheld health care from the sick and food from the starving. You get the idea.

As I indicated in my opening paragraph today is a holiday so I’ll be brief. Many of you have things you would rather be doing than reading a long article. I think I made my point whether you have to answer to Saint Peter or just yourself.

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