Oh, There Is More

Today’s article is basically a continuation of Sunday’s and certainly of the catch up variety. I am including one new item which I will commence with because much is destined to be left on the cutting room floor.

At The Prom

The Nerd Prom (a/k/a the White House Correspondents’ Dinner) was held Saturday night in Washington. President Biden made an appearance, spoke, told some jokes and faced some jabs. He did all that without ones using a line stolen from either Stalin or Mussolini. (Something his immediate predecessor appeared incapable of doing.)

Speaking of the other guy, to my memory he last attended this event in 2011 when then President Obama figuratively handed him his behind. To be fair Obama had two advantages; one unique to that evening, is that he had the microphone. The other was a constant – generally its called superior intelligence.

Following  A Legend

In coaching one of the axioms is that you never want to be the immediate successor of a legend. The idea is that no matter how much success you achieve or how good of a job you do in the minds of the fans you will never be as great as your predecessor. I think Harry Truman – who was not very popular during his time in office – suffered from taking the reins from FDR. Joe Biden is doing a very good (not perfect) job and yet his popularity numbers are terrible. Many among us hope that Trump was just an anomaly. If so, Biden is basically taking over from Obama. At this point ’22 isn’t looking good for the Democrats and who knows about ’24. With ’24 in mind remember Obama took a self proclaimed shellacking in ’10.

Way Down Yonder

Tulane University sponsored the first annual New Orleans Book Festival recently. I caught several sessions of it and their lineup of panelists was spectacular. Bakari Sellers had perhaps the line of the show and certainly the most disturbing one I heard when he said, “I’m old enough to remember when being a racist wasn’t cool.” Just let that sink in for a second.

Here May Be How

Hardly a day goes by when I am not amazed by the fact that Trump has such a large and loyal following. How can that be? I’m thinking the answer may be that he is so good at appealing to the lowest common denominator. Why wouldn’t he be? He is on their intellectual level.

That Arithmetic Problem

Arithmetic is rather simple but to understand it you must first understand the number line which is simply the order in which numbers occur. For years Paul Ryan was viewed as the guru of numbers by the Republicans. Looking at Ryan’s works I have referred to him as arithmetically challenged. It seems things have only gotten worse in that regard for the GOP.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently implied that he knew what Walt Disney thought. DeSantis was born in 1978; Disney died in 1966. Unless DeSantis’ conversations with Disney took place aided by some “supernatural power(s)” they didn’t happen. Ron: 1966 comes before 1978 on the number line. Maybe you should reconsider your criticizing math books until you can master big and little numbers. I have good reason to assume you are not stupid; would you please stop treating us like we are.

Voter Fraud

It is not illegal to be registered to vote in multiple states. The reality is that any registration should have canceled out previous one(s) in other states and if that is not the case it is not the voter’s fault. So, you can see how Trump’s former Chief of Staff was simultaneously registered in three states. Voting in two or more is another matter as is claiming a domicile you never lived in as your legal residence. What’s that old adage about people who live in glass houses Mark?

Thanks Barack

I have a potty mouth as my personal friends can attest. (Do you know how difficult it is for me to keep it PG here?) Therefore, I love it when I’m given something I can write in place of a dirty word(s). President Obama gave me such a gift the other day when he referred to Trump and his supporters lies as, “Raw sewage.” Expect to see me steal that line multiple times in the future.

Why Are We Forced To Hold Our Breath?

The best thing that happened during my recent hiatus was the reelection of French President Emmanuel Macron. I don’t think most Americans realized that the French election was going on let alone just how big a deal it was. Macron’s reelection may well have saved democracy for the moment anyway; and that is not hyperbole.
His opponent was Marine Le Pen (who I have often misidentified as Marie). Not exactly a difficult choice there! America is not the only place where you don’t have to do much research to separate the candidates. Hardcore Democrat that I proudly am (I make no apologies for my intelligence or education) I’d like to have a choice come election day.

Well, I certainly didn’t get it all but I got enough. On to the future starting tomorrow.

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  1. The reason most Americans know nothing of French politics is the same as the reason Trump was elected. I have a story about that. When I was in second grade, the science book had a chapter on dinosaurs. There were colored pencil drawings of the animals with captions below the pictures. The caption under the picture of the Stegosaurus said (paraphrasing): “Body weight 3,000 pounds; brain weight 3 ounces. Was probably barely aware it was alive”. There are a lot of Stegosauruses in the world today still.

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