Oh, Governor!

Today I’ve chosen to center my article around what I felt was the most outrageous political story of the week just ended. I’ve thrown in a few dishonorable mentions and will leave you with an ironic truth to ponder.

Tuesday Missouri’s Republican Governor Mike Parson pardoned Mark and Patricia McCloskey. They burst on the scene for holding guns on Black Lives Matter protesters for which they were later convicted of crimes. The slaps on the wrists they received included a total of $2,750 in fines (keep in mind they a far from poverty stricken and this is for two convicted criminals) and giving up the guns they irresponsibly and illegally displayed. Well, the weapons forfeiture lasted less than 48 hours because the sentence did not include any prohibition of buying new guns. Our couple did just that and displayed them on social media.

For some time now it has public knowledge that Kevin Strickland has been wrongfully incarcerated in Missouri’s state prison system for over 43 years. Strickland is now 62 and confined to a wheelchair. In response to press questions about a pardon for Strickland, Parson said he had a backlog of pardon requests and saw no reason for Strickland to jump ahead of others in line.

Our gun wielding convicts gained the attention of Donald Trump. In fact, they were invited to tape a segment for the 2020 GOP convention. A few months back Mark announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat that Roy Blunt is vacating. Somehow (and I bet I can guess how) Parson’s found time in his busy schedule to let McCloskey and his wife to skip to the front of the line. You see McCloskey is white, wealthy and a Trumper. Strickland is a poor Black guy. Those dots are easy to connect! Parson’s evidentially is as courageous as Cadet Bone Spurs and certainly doesn’t want to cross him. After all, Bubba’s not to concerned about another Black guy in the pen and Republicans need Bubba’s vote.

I may have today’s spotlight deservedly on Parson’s but he is far from alone!

Florida leads the country in new COVID-19 cases but in response to criticism from President Biden Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis seemed to claim that it was all Biden’s fault because he wasn’t controlling the border with Mexico. Talk about whataboutism! To address this nonsense briefly: I haven’t seen where Florida (which doesn’t border Mexico) was facing a surge of infected migrants. It’s impossible to succinctly refute idiocy.

In Texas Republican Greg Abbott is calling another special session of the state legislature in order to pass voter suppression laws. Power outages – not that important.

In Alabama Republican Kay Ivey is expecting common sense to prevail in her state with regard to vaccinations. Welcome to 2021 Kay; sorry you missed 2020.

In South Dakota Republican Kristi Noam is doing nothing to prevent or “control” a superspeader event in Sturgis. I guarantee you’ll be reading more about this in the weeks to come.

In Tennessee Republican Bill Lee is threatening to take funding away from school districts that teach the truth (in the lingo of right wing mythology – critical race theory).

Least you think I only criticize Republicans; I have to look at my native state of New York where Andrew Cuomo has been caught with his hand down the blouse of a female or two (probably more unreported).

Considering all of the above am I the only one who finds it curious that Gavin Newsom of California is facing recall?

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