Oh, And Then

The most frustrating part of writing this blog is that despite all the latitude I have I still can never seem to touch on everything I’d like to. Today’s article is another of the catch up variety.

This Term In The Supreme Court

As of this writing the Supreme Court hasn’t turned out to be as bad as I thought it would and certainly not as bad as it could have been. They were several “split the baby” decisions which I found acceptable, for the moment anyway.

Monday the Court let stand a lower court ruling that allows transgender students to go to the bathroom they identify with. Several people in my family have, “You can pee next to me”, t-shirts and that about sums up my attitude. (I don’t wear t-shirts or I’d have one too.) The real solution would be to transform all bathrooms into unisex facilities. The single toilet facilities would be one person at a time. Where necessary, multiple toilet facilities would have to be retrofitted to all stalls which would insure privacy. Sorry urinal lovers; they would be relegated to museums. If we can get past America’s puritanism the current situation makes about as much sense as separate white and colored (as the term was in those days) bathrooms.

The only 2021 ruling to date that I have a major problem with is Cedar Point Nursery v Hassid. In it the Court denied unions entrance onto company property in an effort to organize. Especially in agriculture that is often the only place where union organizers can gather workers. Many agricultural workers actually live on the “farms” they work on.

Watch This Name

Monday it was announced that Juul agreed to pay the State of North Carolina $40 million to settle a suit that alleged they marketed potentially addictive product to minors. $40 million is a relatively small sum considering the size of the tobacco industry. However, remember this is only one state. More important it sets a precedent and many other states are already in the process of suing Juul.

For political junkies the real story is that the suit was brought and won by North Carolina Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein. This is somebody to keep an eye on. I expect him to run to succeed Roy Cooper as Governor.

“Remote Control” War?

Over the weekend American bombers conducted attacks against Iranian backed terrorist sites in Syria and Iraqi. Americans are still in a “Vietnam hangover” and hate to see Americans returned to the United States in flag draped coffins. Air raids, via missiles, bombers or drones, produce close to zero American casualties and are much more palatable to the public. As we pull troops out of Afghanistan expect to see more of this.

Let’s Not Continue To Be Ugly

My biggest controllable concern with the pullout of troops in Afghanistan is that we not play the part of ugly American as we have done in pervious foreign adventures. Thousands of Afghans helped us in the field and we have a moral obligation to get them out with us and relocate them to the United States.

If we leave them behind we leave them and their families to certain and unpleasant death. The word is that the Biden administration is working on plans to secure them and their families in the process of relocation. The working number is 70,000. Doing this in a war torn disaster won’t be easy but it is necessary!

Significant Time

Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 and one half years in prison Friday. I’m not in favor of putting people in prison and certainly not police officers unless necessary. Murder, especially by a then police officer, makes this necessary. Even with time served and good behavior Chauvin should be behind bars until at least 2036.

He Won’t Be The Last

New York State suspended the law license of Rudy Giuliani last week in what looks like a “temporary disbarment” that will become a permanent one. That is the second Trump lawyer to suffer that fate. I predict it won’t be the last nor will this be the most of Rudy’s troubles.

Is The Justice Department Awakening?

Last week Attorney General Merrick Garland – who has been the target of much left wing criticism including here – announced that the Justice Department is suing the State of Georgia over voter suppression. With their 2013 decision in Shelby County v Holder, which I predict will go down in history as one of the worst Supreme Court decision in history, the Court kneecapped the Justice Department but they didn’t kill it. It looks like Garland is finally taking action.

Just Who Was The Enemy Of The People In The Last Administration?

It was reported that nearly 900 Secret Service agents were infected with COVID-19 during the Trump administration. If you remember Trump repeatedly ignored science and common sense in the process endangering the Secret Service. I’ll give a plug to Carol Leonnig’s book Zero Fail which among other things exposed that the Secret Service suffers from insufficent resources (including human resources) while suffering mission creep. I can’t see how taking 900 “pieces off the board” helped America.

Well, that’s enough for today; perhaps, in some cases, too much to stomach.

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  1. Two points: 1) Rand Paul is against saving Afghans who helped us. 2) The only problem with unisex bathrooms is that men still piddle on the seat and fail to clean after themselves.

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