Of This And That

Not to diminish from the importance of anything I will cover today but it is another one of those days where I will briefly comment on several different things.

You Could Say They Deserved It But…

The New York Times recently broke the story that the Trump campaign scammed its supporters and ended up refunding over $122 million in donations. All significant campaigns end up refunding donations for various reasons like people exceeding donation limits. By comparison the Biden campaign refunded $21 million. That’s a difference of over $100 million. What the Trump campaign did qualifies as deception if not outright fraud; the campaign pre-checked boxes in the online form that made the donation either recurring (often weekly) and/or added a “bonus donation” at a later date.

The “deception” occurred late in the 2020 contest when the Trump campaign was in financial straits. Interesting coincidence! Most of the refunds only occurred after donors complained of fraud to their financial institutions. That makes me wonder how many people never took things that far and just silently suffered the loss.
Perhaps it reveals a flaw in my character but I have a difficult time feeling sorry for people stupid enough to be donating to an obvious crook like Trump late in the 2020 campaign.

Bad Boys Waiting It Out

The best thing to happen to Andrew Cuomo last week was Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida. I am not the only Democrat who has called on the New York Governor to resign. He appears to be taking the political strategy of waiting out the storm hoping it is overshadowed in our news. Considering American media has a problem covering more than two stories simultaneously that isn’t a bad strategy.

I hazard to guess that we haven’t heard the last yet and will hear more about Mr. Gaetz’s adventures, but so far it is pretty damning unless you believe his denials and counter narrative about an extortion scheme. It appears the New York Times literally has the receipts – or at least copies of them. Morality aside, just how stupid is Gaetz? The real irony is that considering Gaetz’s district is basically southern Alabama the scandal may actually help him. It’s the Roy Moore scandal with drugs and money.

The Big Lie Becomes Big Money

Donald Trump is still claiming he won the 2020 election. He has a bunch of minions supporting him and his big lie. However, it is starting to turn into real money. Dominion Voting filed suit against Fox News for $1.6 billion. That is neither the first or only lawsuit. As lying gets expensive you have to wonder how long the minions will stay in line.

A New High

A little while back Mexico legalized recreation marijuana use. I let that one pass without comment but made a mental note. Now several American states (both red and blue) are following suit. It appears that sometime in the not too distant future safe vacation travel will be a reality. While I personally do not like the smell and therefore do not partake many, if not most, American adults do. What better time than a vacation to blow off a little smoke? (Pun intended.) I see grass becoming legal and – controlled similar to beverage alcohol – nationwide as a defensive and revenue raising gambit.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I’m of the basic philosophy that if you can’t stop it then legalize it, control it as best you can and turn it into a tax producer.

The Pressure Slowly Applied

New York prosecutors have reportedly subpoenaed the financial record of Trump Organization CFO, Allan Weisselberg. Trump’s fraudulent activity didn’t start when he took office; it’s his general MO and has been for decades. Weisselberg knows where a lot of the bodies are buried; he helped bury many of them. It appears they are squeezing him and/or his family. A plea deal/limited immunity in the works?

Exodus At The Capital PD?

I don’t mean to demean or disrespect anyone but the job of a Capital Police officer has traditionally more closely resembled one of a security guard than a front-line big city police officer. That is certainly not the case in 2021! That all changed on 1/6 and it continued last week when two officers were injured, one fatally, when a lone man drove into them at a barricade and then attempted to attack their companions with a knife. This is simply not what they signed up for and I expect many of them to leave.

Go Green Joe

The Biden administration is moving to designate a portion of the ocean off New York and New Jersey as a priority zone for wind power. The Republicans will suddenly become concerned about the birds. I think this is great and the way of the future. New York and New Jersey are two of the highest contributing states when it comes to the national treasury and it’s great to see that their future will include relatively inexpensive electricity. I know it may come as a shock to the clan dedicated to returning to the pre-Civil War days but electricity is part of the infrastructure.

Mutual Respect Between The Dons?

It has been reported that the Trump Justice Department declined a request to enter into a criminal investigate into Elaine Chao (a/k/a Mrs. Mitch McConnell). This comes as no surprise to me. There may not be honor among thieves but a power sharing agreement does have provisions.

That’s enough for today. I just wonder what else will break between now and the time you read this.

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