Of The Ages

It way too early but I still can’t see an alternative to a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024. There is one issue that the right keeps harping on and I want to refute it today.

I guess I should start by defending my assumption of a rematch of 2020. On the Democratic side Joe Biden has declared that he will run for reelection and no legitimate contender for the Democratic nod has emerged or appears to be waiting in the wings.

On the GOP side Trump has a commanding lead. His nearest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, looks weaker with each passing week and any other wannabe looks like it would take a fluke for them to break into double digits. The field is already large and several others are waiting in the wings so a repeat of 2016, where Trump benefited from the large field that cannibalized each other, looks to be repeating.

As an aside, I’m actually looking forward to Chris Christie entering the race. I doubt he will ever be much of a factor but he will provide some great lines that will make for entertaining press coverage.

Ruling out the death of either, or Trump self-destructing or dropping out (although never talked about, that is still a possibility) I see a rematch. Time will tell.

The right wing is running around criticizing Biden based on his age. I’ll admit that like many Americans, and that includes Democrats, I wish Biden were younger but we do not live in a perfect world.
Assuming both Biden and Trump are the nominees let’s look at their relative ages. Biden will be 82 on Election Day 2024. That is old. However, Trump will be 78 on that same day. Not exactly a youngster. In fact, when you consider we are talking individuals their age difference is negligible.

I’ll get into speculation on my next point: physical fitness. Just taking one look at each I’d take Biden in the mythical (and I certain hope it stays that way!) fight behind the gym. Trump has reach on him and certainly weight but Biden appears to be in much better shape.

The job of President is grueling but much more mentally than physically (other than the challenge of getting sufficient sleep). Simply based on performance in the job I’d have to give a huge advantage to Biden. Trump may be many things; smart is not one of them. Biden may stutter and misspeak more often than a lot of his supporters (including me) are happy with but you can diagram his sentences. Biden appears to be a typical politician in that he occasionally stretches the truth; Trump is a flat-out liar of historic proportion.

Age is certainly not the only factor you should weight when you consider voting for a candidate for any office but in the 2024 presidential election, assuming it is a Biden-Trump rematch, it is either not a factor or by slight extension a plus for Biden.

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