Of Some Money Matters

Timestamp: Sunday afternoon.

Considering my first real job was in banking perhaps I should be making a few comments on recent “money matters”. One (necessitating the timestamp) risks being incomplete by the time this is published and another, admittedly, is a stretch. In any event…

In the recent past I gave the Congress a letter grade of “I” for incomplete for their work on fiscal matters. Today, and I think I’m being generous, or at least using a private school grading philosophy, I’m elevating it to a “D”.

Last week Congress (all along the way stymied by the dysfunctional Republican led House of Representatives) finally passed legislation funding the federal government through the fiscal year which ends in September. I lost count of the number of CRs along the way and even this final effort entailed a brief – and thankfully of no real consequence – government shutdown for a few hours. Keep in mind this “homework assignment” was due September 30, 2023 and will expire September 30, 2024. Now what do you think the chances are of a complete set of funding bills being enacted by the deadline?

To add to the drama Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a vacate the chair motion against Speaker Mike Johnson for committing the same “sin” that got Kevin McCarthy ousted – keeping the government open. That is like trying to fire the store manager because he unlocked the front door at opening time. The move was more a grandstanding ploy than a serious maneuver (assuming Greene has anything much in the “penthouse”) because it was filed in such a manner that it can basically die in limbo. I know that, you know that, and legitimate news media knows that. Bubba, Greene’s real audience doesn’t and this is a publicity/fundraising stunt.

The reason for the timestamp is that by the time this is published I expect some action on the Trump financial situation. What exactly it will be I don’t care to speculate on at this point. One possible course is for an “investor(s)” to step forward and effectively advance Trump the money based on his “futures”. I guess in some ways I’m still an old conservative banker when it comes to lending and investing and I certainly wouldn’t accept the risks!

OK, here is the stretch – when it comes to the money angle anyway. NBC announced that it hired ousted RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. (I wonder if the Romney component to her name will reappear.) I am not in favor of that move!

I know that even a left leaning media outfit need to have some balance and should she choose to tell the truth, McDaniel certainly was in the room and knows where some bodies are buried. I will admit that I often go out of my way to listen to Nicole Wallace’s and Michael Steele’s appearances. Wallace worked for several Republicans and Steele is not only a former RNC Chair but openly admits to still holding many conservative (especially in fiscal matters) views. That is fine. Opinions are an American right. Spinning, especially in politics, is one thing but outright lying is another.

On all three of these topics, especially the first two, follow the money.

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  1. And now Trump has gotten his bond reduced by two-thirds and ten days added to the deadline. The outrage continues!

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