Of Roars, Mice And Crazy Cats

Understanding what is going on today in American politics is a challenge to say the least. The inspiration for the title of today’s article comes from the 1955 British satirical novel, The Mouse That Roared, which became a subsequent play and motion picture. Let’s explore.

The novel depicts the tiny fictional Duchy of Grand Fenwick which declares war on the United States in the anticipation of a quick defeat and subsequent foreign aid. In the story they end up the unlikely winner of the “war”.

Donald Trump launched a massive missile attack on Syria and dropped the “biggest non-nuclear bomb”, (except for the one that is actually larger), on Afghanistan. While the issues in both countries are complicated; measured by their military might they are mice.

Both fireworks shows looked impressive on Fox News for Trump’s base. Even Trump skeptics and critics have to admit they were great roars. Just how much they changed the situations on the ground is debatable. They also provided distractions from issues like Russiagate, how Trump’s deregulations are actually hurting the average American, his legislative failures and how he is turning the White House into a family palace, (I’m not talking about accommodations or décor).

As far as foreign policy, military action and “diplomatic” moves go what concerns me is North Korea. In Trump and Kim Jung-un you have two incompetent, ignorant and unstable characters who owe their positions to the fortune of being members of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club not to any personal prowess. Both are long on ego and short on cerebral power. In other words they are two crazy cats. Another similarity is that they both have good gigs they would like to protect. What makes these crazy cats dangerous is that they both have nuclear weapons.

Much like Trump, Kim Jung-un craves attention. That is a large part of the reason he does and says seemingly insane stuff. The tweet/statement war Trump has engaged in is dangerous. If Kim Jung-un feels he is cornered and is facing overthrow he will launch an attack on one or more of his neighbors, (namely South Korea and Japan), who happen to be American allies and home to American forces. Even a conventional attack would have devastating consequences but a nuclear attack cannot be ruled out.

If your neighbor had a crazy cat in his backyard it would be prudent to pay attention to it, but not to poke sticks at it through the fence. Trump is poking sticks at a crazed animal. That has to make you question his sanity let alone judgment and leadership ability.

As Christians celebrate Easter and Jew celebrate the winding down of Passover I will be preoccupied with another crazy cat: President Reced Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. The Turkish people are going to the polls today to vote on a possible constitutional change that would create a strong President within their parliamentary system effectively assuring Erdogan of dictatorial control through 2029.

The Middle East is perhaps the classic multi-leveled chess game. I have long contended that if it has a key that key is Turkey. If Trump and Kim Jung-un manage to not blow up the world by the time you read this article the Turkish referendum warrants watching.

I’m not distracted by the roars. Neither am I scared of the mice.  The crazy cats concern me and they should concern you too.

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