Of Quotes And Questions

As part of my writing process I make note to myself when I get a particular idea or come across an interesting quote so that I may use them in a future piece. As part of my Broad Street Bullies theory the Trump administration commits more transgressions than I can possibly cover. Juxtapose those two facts and you have today’s “catchup” article. Let’s explore.

In what I am now calling Saturday Night Lies (pun intended) on March 10, 2018 Donald Trump went to Pennsylvania supposedly to stump for the Republican candidate in today’s special election. He hardly mentioned the candidate in his one hour plus performance. Instead he bragged about his (in his mind) remarkable performance to date and talked about how great (again in his mind) he is. I’m not going to derive a lot from the outcome of the special election in Pennsylvania 18, but I will predict it will not be a landslide win enabled by the great man (still again, in his mind) making an appearance.

I recently ran across a quote from Winston Churchill that read, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Like Trump, Churchill had a very healthy ego. Unlike Trump, Churchill could actually back it up with accomplishments. This reminds me of a quote attributed to Hall of Fame Pitcher Dizzy Dean, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

Saturday night Trump continued his erroneous claim that he won the women’s vote in 2016. The only sub-demographic within the female vote he won was white women. He barely won that, garnering 53% of the vote (Romney got 56% in 2012). Other than just the flat out lie that it is, perhaps this tells us something about Trump: He really only cares about white votes because he feels theirs are the only votes that should count. Furthermore when you consider how he has treated all his accusers of sexual misconduct (all white). Stormy Daniels, his two ex-wives (mothers of all but one of his children), and Melania (mother of his youngest son) if they fall into the demographic of women he cares about then what do the rest of the American females have left to hope for?

I’m getting sick of hearing about how wonderful the Trump Tower Tax Cut has been for working class Americans! Here is an accurate illustration of who is benefiting. About $6 billion went to bonuses (many of which probably would have occurred regardless of the legislation). About $170 billion went to stock buybacks. That is a ratio of slightly more than 28:1. Now additionally consider that 80% of the stocks are owned by the top 10% of the wealthiest American families. How is this profiting Joe Lunchbucket? Do you think the messaging of what David Frum (who is not exactly a liberal) calls “The conservative entertainment complex” aids Trump’s lies? I do.

In November of 2011 while on her presidential campaign Michele Bachmann made an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. The band (Roots) played Fishbone’s song Lyin’ Ass Bitch as she took the stage. That led me to think what song I’d have the band play if I were hosting such a show and Trump took the stage. I am torn between Eric Clapton’s Cocaine and the Classics IV’s Stormy. Whether to pay tribute to one of Trump business successes or one of his sexual encounters is the dilemma.

Former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan may have summed up the Trump administration best last week when channeling Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book Team of Rivals she called the current organized criminal enterprise a “Team of screwballs.”

Programming note for those who like courtroom dramas: The first season of Mr. Manafort Goes To Trial is scheduled for July 10th in Virginia with the second season commencing September 17th in D.C. Viewer warning: This programming is subject to preemption by a plea agreement prior to air time.

I really want to write fiction but where would I find material this rich?

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