Nuclear Donald?

So many warnings to be issued and so few days left until the election – I think that will be a recurring challenge between now and November 8th. I’ll do my best to warn my readers while still covering some other topics.

Today I want to explore something that is terrorizing most Americans and almost the entire rest of the world: the idea of Donald Trump controlling America’s nuclear arsenal.

Back during the Republican presidential debates Trump displayed his utter ignorance of America’s nuclear arsenal when he made it obvious he was bullshitting (I can’t think of any other word as accurate as that one to describe his actions) when he was confronted with the term nuclear triad. Trump is a few years older than me, but we are of the same basic generation. How could any Baby Boomer have lived through the Cold War paying any bit of attention to what was going on in the world and not know what the nuclear triad is? What makes this even more comical (if it weren’t so serious) is that Trump claims military experience because of the military boarding school his parents sent him to. The truth is it was basically a reform school to teach discipline to spoiled brats; looks like it failed in Trump’s case.

There have been several reports of Trump displaying wonder and amazement during subsequent briefings on nuclear arms. I share the vision of most of the world of a spoiled brat in his seventies presented with a new toy he is just itching to play with. This is a man who is so thin skinned that he breaks every political rule to go after anyone he perceives as slighting him. His rash impulsiveness and excessively high opinion of his own mental capability may have impressed many Republican primary voters, but it terrifies most of the remainder of the world’s population. To date the only world leader who appears to be willing to partner with him is Russia’s Vladimir Putin and that is only because Putin correctly finds Trump his mental inferior and easy to manipulate.

If I spent the next few hours researching all the authorities and elected officials who have expressed serious concern about Trump possessing the nuclear codes I’d come up with an incomplete list that was still too long to publish. When a large portion of the press and political world is openly questioning the man’s sanity we certainly cannot entrust him with the unconstrained ability to launch a nuclear attack!  A vote for Trump is both un-American and inhumane!

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