Nothing New Here

A lot is being made of the leaking of evidence in the Georgia case against Donald Trump and several of his minions. The consensus is that he is leaking evidence in an effort to intimidate would be witnesses. While I agree there is some of that going on, I contend that his main objective is different and we have seen this “movie” before.

The reality is that other than delaying it, Trump doesn’t care about this Georgia trial. He is interested in the appeal(s) but that is a battle for another day and he has never been one to look very far down the road. What he is interested in is money. He desperately needs cash.

When the Mueller report was released, Trump had his Attorney General, Bill Barr, release a “book report” that turned out to be wholly inaccurate about a month in advance of the release of the report.

By the time those tapes come out in court and in context they will be perceived as old news by most of us and will have lost most of their shock value. (Not all that different than the passages revealed in many of the Trump bashing books.) Simply put, the shock will have worn off and the impact manipulated in the leak.

Trump may or may not be wealthy but he certainly is cash poor. The court he cares about is the court of public opinion and specifically the (to him) temporarily useful idiots who fund him. To Trump it is all just another scam and he needs to keep his marks in line.

Regardless of whether you agree with me or not, the reality is that once again Trump has proven he cannot be trusted with confidential information. Barr’s “book report” was a short item on the TV and easy for the masses to consume. The report was a long, written affair that almost nobody would take the time to read especially after they had been exposed to a shortened and easy to consume version.

As for a suggestion: a kick in the posterior (particularly into a jail cell) is much more impactful than a slap on the wrist for both criminal defendants and their compliant counsel. Nothing new here!

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