Not Silent And Other Outrages

Today I need to make an unequivocal statement that will surprise nobody who has paid attention to me and then cover some other outrageous behavior.

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear!

President Biden has called on all of us to decry and disavow anti-Asian hate; I’ll go a step further. I have no room for hate period! Does it really make any difference if it is aimed at Black people or people of any other ethnicity? Is it any different if it is based on gender or sexual orientation? I support the Black Lives Matter movement simply because if Black lives don’t matter then no lives matter. That is not to say that Black lives are somehow superior or more valuable. To the contrary that simply means that all lives are equal regardless of where your ancestors hail from, what your plumbing is like, where or whether you worship or who you choose to have sexual relations with.

I have had an equal magnet on my car for years. To me that symbolizes the Christian philosophy of all God’s children. For the record I am not a Christian and question the existence of God. Neither is necessary to live by that principle of inherent core equality. I also refuse to patronize businesses that practice hate in their policies or political donations.

What’s The Matter With Wisconsin Republicans?

I could write essays, if not a book on the question of which state has the worst Republicans. The answer to which state has the longest history of outright purveyors of falsehoods among its Republican Senators is Wisconsin.

Back in the period shortly after World War II Joe McCarthy became famous for what turned out to be mainly a bunch of lies he repeatedly perpetrated as part of his Red Scare campaign. Eventually his lies and drinking caught up with him.

Today Wisconsin has sent us Ron Johnson. I have no idea if Johnson drinks let alone has a drinking problem – however that would explain some things. For months Johnson has repeated Russian talking points that are based on falsehoods, many of them long debunked. In the aftermath of January 6th, he is openly lying asking us to believe him and not our own eyes. Recently he has taken it a step further adding an openly racist slant to his falsehoods. Now he is complaining that people are twisting his words which we not racist in the first place.

Death, facilitated by 86 proof beverages, removed McCarthy from the Senate in 1957 cheating the Wisconsin voters that opportunity in the 1958 election. Wisconsin voters have the opportunity to remove Johnson in 2022 at the ballot box assuming he doesn’t choose to retire. I strongly suggest they do so.

It Is Progressing

Sunday the news broke that senior Justice Department officials are viewing the January 6th insurrection as part of a conspiracy that could well lead to sedition charges being filed against high profile people. I’m not going to bore you by quoting chapter and verse of the applicable statutes but they are certainly on to something. This could go very high up to include the former president, his closest associates and some family members. These are not the type of charges you file quickly.

I’m the typical 21st century American and want instant gratification. However, I want convictions on charges that will stick even more and am willing to wait.

That Ostentatious Place In Florida

I spent ten of the best years of my life in Florida so I should be the last guy to knock it; but the latest material is just too tempting for me to resist.

“Genius businessman” Eric Trump touted Mar-a-Lago as a great place for a casino last week. The fact that that is currently illegal is a stumbling block but with Ron DeSantis and the Republicans running the place it is surmountable. From a business plan standpoint what I’d be more concerned about is that his father – who would supposedly head up the operation – is the only person I know of that has gone bankrupt in the casino business multiple times.

Add to that a little tidbit that didn’t get much ink: part of Mar-a-Lago have been shut down due to COVID19.

That all makes me think that perhaps Trump retreated to Florida in anticipation of extradition requests that he feels an incompetent (if not outright corrupt) state government led by DeSantis will help him avoid. In addition, since he feels he has them wrapped around his finger he will get them to change state laws to suit his business plans. Stranger things have happened than trying to turn the Sunshine State into the Outlaw State.

Wasted Government Spending Texas Style

Republicans nationwide are chasing almost non-existent voter fraud and have been for years. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton – whose future would seem to include federal housing of the confinement variety – recently completed an investigation into voter fraud in Texas in the 2020 election. 22,000-man hours (why don’t we call them person hours or at least employee hours?) were expended in the effort. 17 million files were sifted through and 16 cases of possible address problems were discovered. That is less than on in one million! It would have taken 11 people all year to complete this tasked based on a 50-week, 40-hour work week. If we paid then $15 per hour (and I hope they average more than that) it cost the taxpayers of Texas $330,000. You connect those dots and try to suppress the urge to vomit in the process.

As usual a lot is on the” cutting room floor” but that is enough for today.

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