None Of The Above Is Not An Option

Omarosa went on her generate excitement book tour this week. She has made a lot of allegations about President Trump. Generally speaking I find neither to be credible. Trump is the President so I am forced to pay attention to him. On the other hand generally I have the luxury of simply ignoring Omarosa and a lot of people like her. I do not go out of my way to watch her, and will not either buy or read her book. However in this he said/she said I have to decide who to believe. Therein is the latest example of an ongoing dilemma and a lesson. Let’s explore.  

As I pen this the attorneys are making their closing arguments in the first Paul Manafort trial. Lawyers will tell you never to assume what a jury may do, but it is difficult to envision anything but a guilty verdict on most if not all charges; the paper case was that strong. However, we did get into a situation where we either had to believe Rick Gates or Paul Manafort. In my opinion (and that of anyone capable of critical thinking) both are crooks whose credibility is negligible.

My conviction that the Trump administration is basically an organized criminal enterprise gets stronger every day. My wife and I like to go to a little Italian restaurant every now and then that features some “mob paintings” on the wall. Except for the ethnic origin factor, I think one of Trump and his crew would fit right in. As Russiagate continues we are going to be asked to believe the testimony of people like Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner (yes, I think he will flip), Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos and Gates. All of them are proven liars but in many of these cases one has to be telling the truth in a particular statement. We will also be asked to believe people we may not particularly like. The prime example for many progressives is James Comey. I certainly am not about to start a fan club or go fund me page for him. While I think he has been guilty of some tragically poor judgement I see no evidence of him being a liar.

This is the nature of the beast when you are dealing with an organized criminal conspiracy; it’s full of crooks. These trials will resemble mob trials where the underlings turn on their bosses. Mueller is, in my opinion prudently, approaching his investigation like a mob investigation. He is trying to get soldiers to flip on Capos and in turn the Capos to flip on the Don; who in this case happens to me named Donald.

We will be faced with a binary choice of believing A or B. C, a/k/a as none of the above is not an option. How do you make that less than pleasant choice? You look at supporting evidence. If there are tapes, e-mails and other documentation that support one position and destroy the other there is your answer.

Well, so much for the dilemma; now for the lesson.

All close elections come down to turnout. Any political observer worth listening to regardless of where they are on the political spectrum will tell you the same thing. The 2016 presidential race was close and I predict all the pivotal 2018 races will also be. Therefore turnout will determine the outcome.

There are a plethora of reasons Hillary Clinton lost. It may well have been close to the electoral version of a perfect storm. Many of them negatively affected her turnout numbers. A major driver in that is that her negatives have been high for most of the last several decades. Right or wrong, people didn’t really like her and were not excited about voting for her. In most cases they realized that voting for Trump was ridiculous. They effectively chose the “none of the above” option. That option is literally unavailable in the vast majority of jurisdictions. In any event it is not a viable or patriotic option. The Hillary “under vote” (which consisted on no shows, leave it blanks and third party voters) helped elect Donald Trump.

In contemporary America Republicans and Democrats win major elections. (Senators Bernie Sanders and Angus King – who I predict will both win reelection – are effectively Democrats.) If high turnout were not a problem for Republicans why would they expend so much effort on voter suppression?

Look at the supporting evidence when presented with the contradictory claims of two less than credible people as Russiagate progresses. In November be prepared to vote for a candidate(s) that you may not like -perhaps for good reason(s) – but is the better option for America. “None of the above” is not an option!

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