No Truth; No Justice; No Democracy

It’s getting deep out there and we haven’t even hit Super Tuesday yet. One thing I’m not worried about is material for articles. One thing I am worried about is America. Let’s explore.

I caught a report that the Drudge Report ran a piece saying that Michael Bloomberg was considering Hillary Clinton as a running mate. This is exactly why I tell people to consider the source(s) of their political information. That report is obviously untrue.

Quoting directly from the original text of the Constitution referring to the Electoral College: “…President and Vice President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves…”; 18th century English is somewhat uncomfortable to our 21st century ears, but this clearly means that the President and Vice President – which originally were selected in a somewhat different manner by the Electoral College – cannot come from the same state. Bloomberg and Clinton both live in New York.

You might ask about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Technically Cheney moved back to Wyoming from Texas.

I think there is much more behind this and as illegitimate a news source as Matt Drudge is I think he also knows the applicable law. The question then is: why did he run this trash?

My speculation is that Trump is nervous about Bloomberg or at least his money and wants to discredit both in Bubba’s mind. (Bubba looks at Drudge as a legitimate news source and never read the Constitution except for the first three words of the preamble and last four words of the Second Amendment.) Trump viewed Joe Biden as an electoral threat and may have already done sufficient damage to him to have Democrats questioning his electability in November thereby eliminating him as an opponent before the election.

The Republicans have spent decades portraying Hillary as the devil in a pants suit. If you could successfully link apple pie to her a significant portion of the electorate would hate it by association. If Bloomberg and therefore his money can be successfully linked to Hillary both he and any advertising he pays for will immediately be dismissed by Bubba who Trump needs to show up at the polls and vote for him.

Last week Attorney General Bill Barr told an ABC interviewer that Trump’s tweets, “Make it impossible for me to do my job.” If you believe that I suggest you stop reading and go feed the unicorns on your front lawn. In response to Barr’s statement I suggest that he resign if he can no longer do his job. That is the only logical thing to do. Over last weekend more than 1,100 former DOJ officials signed an open letter calling for Barr to resign. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen! That would call for a quality Barr lacks – integrity.

Roger Stone has asked for a new trial based on some Trump fueled rumor that the jury foreperson was conflicted. In the Donald Dome anyone who evaluates evidence with the ability to do critical thinking is conflicted. If Stone thinks the verdict was unfair he should do what every other American is forced to do – appeal. As of this writing, sentencing is scheduled for Thursday; if it is anything involving prison time watch for a presidential pardon. That will be controversial but Stone knows where Trump “has buried too many bodies”.

The Michael Flynn case has been bizarre for some time now. I was long convinced things were happening behind the scenes that we were not privy to. One secret is now out in the open: Barr has enabled an investigation into the matter in an effort to whitewash Flynn. Flynn had previously pled guilty and now wants to withdraw his plea. He is claiming the FBI and federal prosecutors tricked him.

We are not talking about some young kid that was intimidated by the police. Flynn is a retired Lt. General (3 star) and has a master’s degree. He achieved, was paid and benefited far more than the average American. It is difficult to believe he was deceived. I think his problem is with the truth.

There is a common theme running through all these stories: no truth yields no justice and no functioning democracy. Welcome to life in Trump’s America.

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