No Return Allowed

Today is Boxing Day which is primarily a Canadian Holiday and the inspiration for today’s posting. Unrelated to the posting it is also the first day of Kwanzaa which many of my readers celebrate. So before we get into today’s meat and potatoes Happy Boxing Day and Kwanzaa to all! Now let’s explore.

As America’s Black Friday has spread to other nations Boxing Day is an unofficial holiday in America. Since it is the first day after Christmas it is the largest return day of the year for retailers. Often it is a color or size issue; sometimes the receiver of the gift simply doesn’t want or like it. If someone gives me what I consider an ugly shirt for Christmas I can return it or at least exchange it for store credit. Last month a minority of American voters gave the country the “gift” of President-elect Donald Trump. I am among the many who would like to return this gift but alas it simply doesn’t work that way.

My apprehension of what a Trump administration will look like is extremely high. Therefore if my expectations were a limbo contest pole it would be low enough to be the finals of a world championship limbo contest. Let me outline them below:

My basic hope is that Trump does not lead us into a nuclear war. That could very well end life as we know it on this planet. I guess the “good news” is that most of us are dead and it really wouldn’t matter to us anymore. America survived the James Buchanan, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administration so as long as Trump doesn’t kill us all we’ll get through his reign as well. Keep in mind we are still paying (including financially) for the actions of the three administrations mentioned above.

The next thing I ask of Trump is not to declare Marshall Law. I’m serious! With the hawkish people he is surrounding himself with and his bully history Marshall Law is a definite possibility. I know it is fiction but Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here will not escape my mind. The Trump like figure who won the election there ended up with an armed force enforcing his dictates.

Closely aligned with the above is that the First Amendment endure the Trump presidency. Exposing of the lies and corruption will be the primary way to keep Trump somewhat in check. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech are threats to someone who is running a scam. Daily I become more convinced that the Trump administration will basically be an organized criminal conspiracy. I intent to call Trump out as long as I am allowed to; my audience is small. It is more important that legitimate, objective journalist with “larger megaphones” be able to operate freely. This is especially needed with the rise of fake news which no doubt has already impacted events very much including Trump’s election.

We are entering a very dangerous chapter in our country’s history. The election of Donald Trump has emboldened all sorts of right wing zanies including white supremacists. Considering the Senate field for 2018, Democrats poor voter turnout history in mid-terms and the wide Party disparity in the House of Representatives I’m not expecting us to accomplish much in the way of changes until 2020. I just want America and American freedoms to endure that long. Trump isn’t like an ugly shirt; I can’t return or exchange him.

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