No Quality Applicants

There are basically three types of people who go to work in the administration in Washington. The motivation for the best two types is sorely lacking in the Trump administration and America is suffering because of it. Let’s explore.

The best type is those who feel a calling to public service because they believe in a cause(s) and/or a political philosophy. They are patriots who want to help shape policy to do what they envision as the most possible good for America and Americans. These are often young people who go into relatively low level jobs and form the bench that can become senior administrators or elected officials in future administrations. Many current members of Congress started their careers as staffers at the state or federal level.

A resume that includes a stint as part of what at least some will consider to be a good administration opens a lot of doors for decades to come. From its earliest days the Trump administration appeared to be a sinking ship. Why would a young person want to spend time serving in it or put what could be perceived as a blemish on their resume? A further drawback in this administration is that the chances of being caught up in an investigation are very real. If you are it is almost a requirement that you secure legal counsel even if you are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. That is expensive and will almost undoubtedly exceed any wages you earn. How many young people can afford to lose money?

Another type of individual who joins an administration is someone at or near the end of their working days who has achieved financial security and wants to give back. These are often people who serve in senior positions that really do affect policy. The desire to give back by serving usually is accompanied by belief in certain policy goals. If everyone from the President on down are substantially on the same page and consistent in their views government service at this level can be a rewarding albeit at times challenging opportunity. The problem in the Trump administration is Donald Trump. He lacks any true political philosophy or positions. His only consistency is to pursue policies that will economically benefit him and his family. He flip flops on positions often more than once daily. His tweets and statements often undermine the efforts of even Cabinet officials. If you are a relatively rich and successful guy or gal with a good reputation who cares about America why would you want to put up with this?

The final and often least desirable motivation is to be part of the revolving door. You spend some time in government service at a middle or high level helping your friends in a certain industry and when your time is up your friends reward you with a good job. There is certainly some of this going on in the Trump administration but it is to the detriment of America. Even in an administration that is in reality an organized criminal enterprise this strategy is risky. You may well have to bear huge legal costs. You are liable to get caught up in an investigation and become an untouchable thereby having your plan blow up in your face.

Why would you take a senior position for a President who views loyalty as a one way street? One who takes the word of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the conclusions of 17 domestic intelligence agencies, numerous foreign intelligence agencies and countless international security experts? (My theory is that he was either directly or indirectly complicit in the Russian interference in the 2016 election and he already knows the truth without asking.) One who instructs his CIA Director to meet with conspiracy theorist Bill Binny whose claims to fame are appearances on Alex Jones’ show? One who seems to be making his Secretary of State’s job even more difficult?

As with most things in Washington today Donald Trump is the root problem. Until he is replaced there will continue to be a plethora of vacancies in Washington and most of those who are serving will be far from the best and the brightest!

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