No Guilt Here

Sunday, I set the kickoff 2024 GOP debate to be recorded on my TV. I decided that I would not watch it live nor make it the next day’s article’s topic. I may or may not watch it down the road and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about my decision.

I’m in what I think of as the 2.5 version of my retirement. Of late I’ve made a conscious decision to spend more time with my wife. That entails most evenings and I’m not making tonight any exception. Enough about me, on to a discussion of the 2024 Republicans.

Going into the debate Donald Trump, who is running away in polling, has declared that he will not attend. If the leader is not at the event, is it even legitimate? The supposed idea of these debates is to give the voters an opportunity to compare candidates side by side.
Fox News is hosting the debate. Trump seems to have some sort of feud with the network. To a great degree he is biting the hand that feeds. Who else took a $787.5 million dollar hit for him?

Trump is going so far as to have already recorded an interview with recently fired from Fox New Tucker Carlson which they plan to broadcast simultaneous with the debate if they can find a platform. My guess is that it will be aired via the entity formerly known as Twitter (whatever it will be called by tonight) or Trump’s own Truth Social.

The eight scheduled participants are: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Chris Christie, Florida Governor and current distant second Ron DeSantis whose campaign is rapidly sinking, Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Mike Pence, Vivek Ramaswamy and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Let’s be honest, most Americans couldn’t pick several of them out of a lineup. I’m a political junkie and at least one would stump me even as of this writing.

If the cast wasn’t irrelevant enough the subject matter promises to be even worse.

Don’t expect to hear a lot of truths. Do expect to hear a lot of lies.
I expect that many of the most pressing issues will not even be discussed. Climate change and women’s rights will be among them.
I do expect a lot of long debunked right wing mythology along with misleading and often outright false Biden bashing.

I will go to one of my book club meetings (this month’s selection required introspective critical thinking – an anathema to today’s Republican party), eat a late supper with my wife and settle down to watch something yet to be determined on TV.

I’ll have it recorded but I’m willing to bet I won’t miss much of substance. The biggest redeeming value that I anticipate is Christie getting in a good line or two.

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