No Fun Stuff Here

This is another of my attempts to catchup on recent political events. The “best” piece is not exactly cause for celebration, so you can anticipate what the remainder is like. Let’s explore.

The “good news” is that John Hickenlooper dropped out of the presidential race last week. He was barely registering in the polls and the field is still way too crowded. Hopefully others will soon follow his lead. You see there is a poll Hickenlooper is way ahead in – the poll for the U.S. Senate seat that will be on the ballot in Colorado in 2020. The Republican incumbent is Cory Gardner a eunuch, sycophant Trumper. This is one of the vulnerable Republican held seats that the Democrats need to flip in order to take control of the Senate.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death has been officially ruled a suicide. To say the Federal Bureau of Prisons exercised negligence is an understatement. Attorney General (and Consigliere to Donald Trump) Bill Barr is launching several investigations into the death. Remember Barr runs the Justice Department of which the Federal Bureau of Prisons is a part. You connect those dots and then tell me what your level of confidence is in the investigations. To me it may have been suicide but I’d rather term it non-physician assisted suicide at this point. A lot of very powerful people in politics, government, business and I’m willing to bet sports had reason to want Epstein silenced and his death also sends out a message to others “in the loop”.

It is official: July 2019 was the hottest month in the recorded history of the planet. Regardless, Trump and company continue to insist that the climate change thing is non-existent and a hoax. You know a hoax just like the whole Trump and Russia thing.

In Rhode Island a private prison guard with the rank of Captain deliberately drove his pickup truck into peaceful protesters wearing high visibility clothing because he wanted to get into his parking space. It was basically a low speed version of the right wing attack by automobile that killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. The incident brought a swift response from his fellow guards – they pepper sprayed the protesters (five of whom were injured in the attack). To date, the captain has resigned and no charges have been filed. If he and his henchmen don’t end up indicted for various crimes something is very, very wrong!

We learned more about the dealings of Moscow Mitch McConnell last week. It appears McConnell killed pending sanctions against a Russian oligarch who is close to Putin (is there any other kind?) in a deal that swiftly led to a major investment in an aluminum plant in his home state of Kentucky. If there is one man in America who is most responsible for the success of the Russian interference in the 2016 election it is Moscow Mitch.

In Philadelphia a felon held off police for over seven hours wounding six officers in the process. He had a weapon he was prohibited from purchasing or possessing and thousands of rounds of ammunition. I’m probably one of the most pro-police liberals in America but that notwithstanding how about the simple principle that the police and military should never be outgunned by the bad guys? There is plenty of common sense gun regulation legislation sitting in the Senate that McConnell refuses to let come to the floor for a vote. Those bills neither individually nor collectively will solve America’s gun problem but they will be a start that will make the lives of American citizens and law enforcement personnel safer. Don’t let the (possibly non-existent) perfect be the enemy of the good.

More information is beginning to trickle out about the plants in Mississippi that were raided by ICE for employing undocumented workers. Only a complete fool would believe the employers were innocent in the deal. Many of the workers were wearing ankle monitors when they applied and daily to work. Nobody noticed? Several cases have been documented where the same hiring manager hired the same worker multiple times but under different false names. That is willful ignorance at best.

Last we got a history lesson from Iowa Republican Representative Steve King last week. He justified his stance of not allowing rape and incest exceptions to any anti-abortion legislation because in the mind of “Professor King” if it weren’t for rape and incest we wouldn’t have a human population. I’ve never lived in Iowa but I doubt they do things that much differently there than in New York, Florida or North Carolina.

When the good political news is that a man who couldn’t get picked out of a lineup outside of his home state dropping out of the presidential race is the good news it was another bad week in Trump’s America.

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