No Fishing

When you juxtapose the facts that I care about America and that Donald Trump is currently President it is easy to understand why I am often upset these days. Lately one thing in particular is annoying me because it is so clear cut yet so many are dancing around its fringes with superfluous arguments. Let’s explore.

The discussions center on whether Donald Trump, Jr. and “company” did anything illegal when they, in their roles as part of the Trump campaign, met with the Russians. The simple answer is a resounding “Yes”! Under federal campaign laws you can neither receive nor solicit contributions, momentary or in kind, from foreigners. That is it; full stop! It is so simple that even the Lucky Sperm Cell Club offspring of a Lucky Sperm Cell Club member should be able to understand it. (Just for historical reference and perspective, it was widely reported that the Trump campaign was actively soliciting contributions from foreigners even going so far as to use their obviously foreign e-mail addresses.)

I came up with an analogy that is so simple that even Bubba can understand it. You decide that today is a great day for fishing, so you play hooky and grab your fishing gear. You go down to a spot where fishing is prohibited by order of the authorities. That means you can’t fish there; plain and simple.

If the game warden comes by and sees you fishing you are subject to a fine. It doesn’t matter whether you caught any fish or not; you are guilty. It doesn’t matter that you intend to release any fish you catch; you were fishing in prohibited waters and therefore are guilty. It doesn’t matter that you only wanted to catch trout and caught nothing but catfish; you are guilty. It doesn’t matter whether you saw and or read the sign or not; you are guilty. It doesn’t matter if others were fishing there or had before; you are guilty. It doesn’t matter that some equally ignorant friend told you it was OK to fish there; you are guilty.

Today’s is a relatively short posting because the issue I am dealing with is so clear cut; Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner are all guilty!

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