No Doubt About Number 1

Today is the first anniversary of the domestic terrorist attack on the Capital Building. Based on publically available information we know much more of its genesis than we did as we watched it transpire on live TV. That said, there is still much to be discovered. The most distressing part of the aftermath to date is that while we have many answers there has been precious little accountability.

Today I want to present my list of the ten worst occurrences in American history. There is certainly room for discussion and disagreement on the content and the order except for the number one slot.


October 29, 1929 better known as Black Tuesday when the stock market crashed leading to the Great Depression.


April 12, 1861. The bombardment of Ft. Sumter which is generally regarded as the commencement of the Civil War. The issue of slavery was largely ignored and papered over in the founding of American and up until that time. This only proves that avoiding an issue doesn’t resolve it.


September 11, 2001 has become known as 9/11. It was the largest terrorist attack on America in history. On the “good” side it woke us out of our sense of false security. In addition to the deaths that day countless others died in two needless wars the George W. Bush administration undertook in its wake.


December 7, 1941, which we commemorate, (insufficiently in my opinion), to this day as Pearl Harbor Day, was a brazen attack on America. The Empire of Japan attacked the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and all other American outposts in the Pacific Ocean facilitating our entry into World War II.


August 24, 1814. On that date the British burned Washington, DC as part of the War of 1812. A (then enemy, now ally) foreign power forced our government to abandon its headquarters and our then-President, James Madison, to run for his life.


January 20, 1981. The inauguration of Ronald Reagan. To date Reagan has been the most harmful president to the American way of life. The only reason he wasn’t impeached and removed from office was that his felonies followed Nixon’s too closely for America to take such actions. As I pen this in 2022 we still have not recovered from many of his actions.


August 3, 1981. Just months into office Reagan fired the striking PATCO air traffic controllers in the biggest blow to organized labor in American history. To this day, the working class of America has never recovered.


January 20, 2017. The inauguration of Donald Trump. Not only are we still very much living with the results of his evil deeds; we are still unearthing them. In addition to that I will predict that unless he is dead, he will be the Republican nominee in 2024. Considering the voter intimidation, suppression and nullification efforts currently underway by the GOP he has a chance of being declared the winner regardless of the people’s vote.


January 21, 2010 is the day the John Roberts’ Supreme Court announced its decision in Citizens United. This decision allowed unlimited dark, and in many cases foreign money into our elections. By far, the biggest non-partisan problem in American politics is the influence of money. This ruling was like dumping gasoline on an out of control five alarm fire.


January 6, 2021. The sitting President of the United States incited an attack by domestic terrorists on the Capital Building as a joint session of Congress was in the process of certifying that he had lost in his bid to be reelected. Just reread that sentence for a moment and let it sink in. What could be worse?

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  1. I would submit September 8, 1974 in the top five of my list. That was the day Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. And I would argue that, because there was not the gumption to prosecute Nixon, a precedent was set that let Reagan off the hook, and will probably let Trump off the hook. A nation of laws? Ha!

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