No Country For Younger Women

Intended to be eye catching, today’s title is a bit inaccurate. Unlike dimwits like Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn, I realize all people capable of conception do not identify and/or present as women; but it made for a good headline and is generally accurate. “Disclaimers” aside, I have a serious issue to discuss today and will attempt to cover it below.

We are rapidity devolving into two distinct Americas. One is safe for people capable of conception and in at least occasional need of women’s health services to live in and the other where people who meet that definition are little better than slaves of the state. In the back of my mind is a future article outlining which states are safe for people capable of conception to live and which are not. The “not” list is growing. That will still probably happen in the future as more of the dust settles. Today I want to cover the current dust storm.

With the Dobbs decision abortion laws are currently state issues. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts. The right wing has had no problem with self-contradiction and hypocrisy and I predict (I’m far from alone) they will soon be pushing for a nationwide ban on abortion. They only defend states’ rights and the 10th Amendment when it is convenient. For the monument the state legislatures are the battlegrounds. Keep that in mind when voting in down ballot races this fall.

Indiana was one of the latest states to enact a sweeping abortion ban. One legislator, Republican John Jacob actually said, “The body inside of the mom’s body is not her body….Not her body, not her choice.” Expecting a modern day Republican to be scientifically accurate is an unrealistic expectation so I’ll pass on that for the moment. Well, Mr. Jacob if it’s not her body then just whose body is it? Certainly not the state’s. Fetal personhood is part of right wing mythology, not reality, law (for the moment anyway) or science.

Make no mistake, the goal of the right wing – in today’s America the Republican Party – is fetal personhood and making pregnant people effectively property of the state. That is way too close to slavery for me! Note these are the same people who consistently slash funding for medical care and education (unless they can divert the funds to their backers). So much for taking care of the young lives they claim to cherish. Note to the GOP being pro-life certainly includes taking care of the already born.

Perhaps more alarming is what is happening to women’s health care in general. I’m the typical male of my generation and don’t know nearly as much as I should about women’s health issues. I’m of a generation where at family functions the boys and men went and talked sports in one room while “women’s stuff” was the topic du jour in a room full of women and girls. It appears that medically and pharmaceutically abortions and standard medical care are often similar. This is confusing many medical professionals who understandably do not want to be subject to criminal charges for just doing their jobs. Where are the lines drawn legally?

Furthermore, states with restrictive abortion laws are already experiencing difficulty recruiting medical professionals and that will only be exacerbated as time goes on. Some physicians have expressed concern that medial students, interns and residents will not learn some or all of the procedures, at least not as abortions. If this were to continue with time there wouldn’t be anyone left with the expertise to teach those procedures or at least with respect to those applications.

Abstinence and lesbianism are not defenses when abortion laws make no exception for rape.

Call me whatever you want but I believe women are much more than just baby dispensers. I just hope they stay angry and express that anger at the polls this fall. If they don’t the America hospitable to them will shrink and possibly in time disappear.

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