No Change And Here Is Some Of Why

This article was written well ahead of scheduled publishing in order to accommodate my travel plans.

This is my last “live” article before the Georgia Senate runoff election. (Even this was written a several days before publishing.) In case anyone thinks I’ve wavered in my support of Raphael Warnock or consider this race unimportant because the Democrats have already locked up control of the next Senate, I wanted to set the record straight and reconfirm my endorsement of Rev. Dr. Senator Warnock. Today I want to discuss some of the reasons.

His opponent is arguably the most unqualified candidate a major political party has ever run for the Senate. I can’t possibly cover all the reasons Herschel Walker is unfit for high office in a few hundred words so I’ll just hit a few highlights. (Would “lowlights” be a more appropriate choice of words?)

I think of Walker as the Werewolf of Georgia (my apologizes to Warren Zevon). In one of his campaign speeches, he went on about the relative strength of werewolves and zombies declaring that he wanted to be a werewolf. Senatorial material? At least most of that rant was in complete sentences which is an improvement for Walker.

In the aftermath of the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado, Walker actually doubled down on his anti-trans rhetoric. This was politics 101, a smart politician simply says they are outraged and feel for the families of the victims. At worst, you simply don’t comment.

A news flash would be if a woman came forward to say Walker impregnated her and didn’t ask her to have an abortion. It seems if nothing else Walker is both fertile and on a mission to prove that. When confronted with his domestic violence past he hides behind religion and says he has been saved.

One of Walker’s basic problems is that it appears his mouth is not in communication with his brain.

He even seems confused as to where he lives. He is running to represent the state of Georgia in the United States Senate yet simultaneously is receiving a tax benefit for a home in Texas that he is only eligible for if that home is his principal residence. Is that why Ted Cruz is campaigning with him? Maybe we ought to check the South Carolina property records; if Walker owns a home there that would account for the presence of Lindsey Graham on the campaign trail. By the way, did I mention that Walker is also Trump endorsed? What’s that old saw about judging people by the company they keep?

Now Walker has challenged Joy Reid to a debate on the assumption she would not take him up on it. (Remember he dodged a debate with Warnock for as long as he could. Who can forget his little badge moment?) Reid has invited Walker on her show to debate on any subject(s) of his choosing. In full disclosure, I seldom watch Reid’s show because I liked her much better as a guest host than as the host of her own show. However, if Walker wants to engage Reid he is punching well above his intellectual weight! Reid earned a degree from Harvard; Walker played football at Georgia without graduating – unless you believe one of the plethora of Walker’s lies when he said he graduated at the top of his college class.

The Reid controversy is interesting in that it started when Walker asked people to vote in this “important erection”. That was not a typo; it is a direct quote. It seems that the discussion of Walker’s plentiful erections has been a factor in this campaign but for that I refer you to one of the above paragraphs and rest my case to keep my PG rating.

Interestingly when Walker made the “erection” comment he was flanked by Cruz and Graham neither of whom came to his rescue. Could that be because they, like most Republicans, view Walker’s candidacy as the present-day equivalent of a minstrel show?

Walker’s candidacy – and never forget that Trump forced it – illustrates the racism of the modern-day Republican party. Walker is the stereotype the right wing has of Black men as being stupid but strong and viral. As people who biologically father children only to abandon them and their mothers.

I am not a Christian but I believe in and lead my life by the Christian principle of the least among us. I feel that those of us gifted with more have a moral obligation to help those less fortune than us. However, that doesn’t include making them United States Senators!
By my rough calculations there are about 6.4 million Georgians over the minimum age (30) to be eligible to serve in the United States Senate. I have to think that Georgia can do much, much better than Walker! If you live in Georgia and haven’t already done so, please vote for Raphael Warnock in the runoff election!

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