No Bail, Keep Him In Jail

“It just goes from bad to worse.” How many times have you heard that expression? Well, it certainly applies to Donald Trump and current events.

The trickle of publically available evidence is starting to more closely resemble a steady flow and with each tidbit Trump looks increasingly guilty of several felonies. It appears increasingly inevitable that he will be arrested and subsequently face a bail hearing. Bail should be denied and he should remain in custody pending trial! Right now, you are probably questioning logistics and my logic; I will expand on both below.

The first challenge are the logistics involved in arresting a former president who still has Secret Service protection. There is an (to me inexplicable) element that is loyal to Trump and I’m sure he has those type of agents on his detail. I have long suspected that he is “hiding out” in Florida where he feels that Governor Ron DeSantis will engage in a turf war to protect him. Lately it appears that DeSantis has his own designs on the White House. Unlike Trump, DeSanits is smart. They are both narcissists and the bond is already showing visible cracks. If DeSanits can rid the GOP political scene of Trump while retaining enough plausible deniability to not alienate Trump’s loyalist he will do it in a heartbeat. I’m far from an expert on law enforcement procedures, especially at that level, but there has to be a way to arrest Trump.

Now we come to the subject of bail. To me, and anyone who is a loyal American, this is a no-brainer. Trump must be denied any sort of bail or release. He must remain incarcerated. The “traditional” reason is that he is a flight risk. Ankle bracelets, surveillance and confiscation of passports are little more than a joke in Trump’s case. Trump has an airplane and plenty of compatriots with airplanes. He can literally fly away from the reach of American justice and would in New York minute if he thought the alternative was dying in prison.

Furthermore, and in this case more dangerous, is the fact that on the outside Trump has more access to communication. This is a man who has actively plotted to overthrow American democracy. Think about that for a second. Other than a nuclear attack can you think of anything more dangerous to America and American lives. Do you really want him on the outside motivating his minions?

Today is Groundhog Day. That is fitting because, with the exception of more revelations making it worse, it has been the same story with Trump for five years now. If he should be reelected, the only way I see him leaving the Oval Office is in a hearse.

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