Nancy Spanked Donald

There are a plethora of serious topics I could write about today. In fact the root topic of this article is deadly (both figuratively and literally) serious but I want to approach it from a humorous angle because it is one of the few news items of late that actually made me laugh. Be prepared for me to flirt with losing my PG rating and let’s explore.

Early Wednesday morning I was greeted with the news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had effectively disinvited President Trump from visiting the House chambers on January 29th to give the State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress. She is completely within her right and in compliance with the Constitution to do so, both of which I’m sure will be surprises to Trump and his incompetent inner circle. The bottom line is that it is a major insult to Trump and a huge bruise to his fragile ego.

The Constitution requires that the president annually inform the Congress as to the state of the union. It does not however specify an exact date or method of communication. In recent times the president has traveled to the Capital and addressed a joint session of Congress.   In my youth it was a daytime affair that garnered a few minutes on the evening news and much broader coverage in the evening and next morning’s newspapers. Of late it is an evening, prime time event. Trump is definitely a sizzle not a steak guy and has to love the attention.

Pelosi made it clear that the Trump Shutdown 3.0 is the root of the problem and suggested that Trump work with her to set a date after the government had reopened or submit his speech as a report. For a variety of reasons and personality quirks presidents had for years sent the Congress a report in lieu of a personal appearance. That fulfilled their Constitutional obligation.

I admit to being one of those political junkies who almost never misses a State of the Union on television. (I’m sure I missed several during my 15 year coaching career – basketball season and the traditional time for delivering the address run concurrently.) With the shutdown and Trump’s propensity to lie I had seriously considered skipping watching this one live. Speaker Pelosi has relieved me of the burden of making that decision.

Of course Pelosi metaphorically spanked the president although we know from Stormy Daniels’ revelations he enjoys that as a form of foreplay. In this case Trump got his spanking without having to part with $130,000 in an effort to cover it up or having to reveal his tighty whities. The problem is that Trump’s toddler meltdown is costing the American economy billions. I guess the laughs are few and far between these days in American politics.

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