My President Must Be Removed From Office

In order to preserve the integrity of the office of the American presidency Donald Trump must be removed from office via legal means prior to the expiration of his first term. An important step in that direction took place last week and it was all but unreported. Let’s explore.

President Trump operates as if he were above an immune to the law. Every American is subject to the law. None of us are equal to it and certainly none of us, including the primary resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, are above it! Trump has surrounded himself with incompetents and in many cases people bent on the destruction of the agencies they are charged with heading. He and his family have turned the presidency into a skimming and extortion operation resembling an organized criminal enterprise. If Trump is allowed to serve a full term or two he will have permanently changed the office for the worse. What would normally be considered criminal activity or something very much akin to it would now be in keeping with past precedence.

In case you are lulled into a false comfort zone by Trump’s poor polling, let me remind you that Trump’s reelection in 2020 is not all that farfetched. He lost the popular vote in 2016, he is keeping his base intact, many people will either sit home or not vote for a Democrat, voter suppression is still in high gear and Russiagate has accomplished at least one of its goals in undermining Americans’ confidence in our electoral system. I’m neither predicting nor betting on it, but when you consider all those factors Trump could just get reelected. Remember most “pundits”, me included, didn’t think he could win in 2016.

Over the past few weeks I have zeroed in on three people whose actions needed to be watched in the prediction of Trump’s final downfall: Mitch McConnell, Jared Kushner and John McCain. Kushner’s betrayal of Trump will most likely happen in private well before it becomes publically known. It could have already happened but I doubt that. The Senate technically stayed in session via holding pro-forma sessions the remainder of this month before it comes back into regular session. The only reason they did so was to prevent Trump from making recess appointment(s) that would skirt the need for Senate consent. What they were trying to prevent were maneuvers leading to the firing of Robert Mueller. There is only one person who could have authorized those pro-forma sessions: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

I intend to keep a very sharp eye on McConnell when the Senate comes back into regular session in September. It has long been my contention that McConnell was playing along with Trump because he stood to profit from the passage of an infrastructure package later this year. Trump’s relationship with Congress has been such a disaster that the passage of any major legislation is questionable at best. When Congress comes back in September they will have two “must pass this month” pieces of legislation pending: increasing the debt ceiling and a budget or continuing resolution (CR). I’m betting CR. Failure to increase the debt ceiling will result in an unnecessary and internationally disastrous default. Lack of a CR will necessitate a government shutdown which the majority of the public will blame on the Republicans – they control both chambers of Congress and the White House; who else would be to blame?

While it may be terrifying; it is an interesting time to be an American. Stay vigilant!

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  1. We’re looking more and more like a third world country with a corrupt government…like, say, Venezuela…

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