My President Isn’t Even A Decent Human Being

Sunday a “caravan” of approximately180 refugees arrived at the U.S.-Mexican border. About 50 were allowed to sort of cross into the United States the other approximately 120 were forced to remain on the Mexican side of the border. And that’s the good news. Let’s explore.

President Trump and his “official news agency” a/k/a Fox News have been railing against the caravan for weeks now. As late as Saturday night Trump made it one of his targets/rallying points during a Michigan rally.

The “lucky 50” never made it inside the building to apply for refugee status. The official excuse is that the station was full. The right wing that Trump is placating portrays themselves as Christians yet for (by their definition) God’s children in need there was “no room at the inn”. Christianity is as legitimate a religion as any, America’s largest by far and is certainly protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Trump claims to be a Christian yet this Trump-led conglomeration literally left 180 refugees out in the cold. I find it difficult to believe they were victims of circumstances. It appears they were victims of prejudice, hatred, ignorance and xenophobia by a bunch of hypocrites posing as Christians and humans.

I am about as far from a religious person as you can get but I am a human being with a pretty decent moral compass. As a member of the human race I have a moral obligation to my fellow humans fleeing life endangering oppression and circumstances (a/k/a refugees). I could care less about Trump’s religious affiliation or church attendance but I expect the President of the United States to learn from the mistakes of history and possess basic human decency.

I am willing to accept the excuse that 180 refugees normally would overwhelm the immigration facility but I (perhaps unrealistically – more about that later) expect better management than what the Trump administration provided. If you run a retail store you increase your capacity to service customers on Christmas Eve and Black Friday because you know those will be heavy customer count days. This caravan came with ample notice. If needed expanded staff and facilities should have been there to greet them. We are talking about 180 people; I grew up in a city where we put 80,000 people in our football stadium on NFL home game days.

I realize Trump has very little in business management skills. Transferring into a very good school and running daddy’s boutique real estate firm are not exactly training to run the federal government. I also realize that Trump, due to said incompetency, has failed to fill many spots that should have been filled long ago. I am willing to stipulate that Trump has surrounded himself with the most incompetent Cabinet and senior staff in the history of the republic. With all that said I still find it difficult to believe that he is that poor a manager.

My suspicion is that he and his co-conspirators purposely created a logjam. That is morally reprehensible! In 1939 America rejected the passengers aboard the MS St. Louis entry into America. They were Jews fleeing persecution in what was rapidly becoming Hitler’s Europe. The St. Louis ended up returning to Europe where in fairly short order most of those refugees ended up dying in Hitler’s concentration camps. While there are no concentration camps in the Central America countries these refugees are fleeing turning them away in the overwhelming majority of cases condemns them to violent and certain death.

A decent human being would try to aid their fellow man in desperate need. Donald Trump is not a decent human being.

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Note: This story was originally written on Monday for Wednesday’s publishing.