My President Is Trying To Be A Cult Hero

If you look back at the rise of fascist leaders in 1930’s Europe you will see an uncanny resemblance to what Donald Trump is doing. The aspect of the resemblance I’d like to talk about today is making everything about them. Let’s explore.

This is not exclusively an American phenomenon, it is happening with the rise of extremist right wing movements in many countries. They all have two things in common: the exploitation of xenophobic, homophobic and racist weaknesses in the nation’s population along with a link to Vladimir Putin’s Russia. They cloak their movements in patriotism and nationalism; then why the associations with and loyalty to a foreign power?

There were clues as to Trump’s true motives from early in the campaign. Who can forget the murderers and rapists comment after the escalator decent? If that wasn’t enough there was the “Russia, if you’re listening” comment during a Florida campaign event. The final clue was the “I alone can fix it” line in Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention. You remember the one in Cleveland that Russian linked and now convicted felon Paul Manafort was in charge of where the platform “mysteriously” became more Russian friendly. The only thing that was missing when he uttered those words was the lights fading and the torches being lit. (The torches came later –borne by some “Very fine people” – in Charlottesville, Virginia complete with Nazi slogans.)

Like most of Trump’s word salads, I couldn’t follow the “logic” but Trump later claimed he made it acceptable to say Merry Christmas again. I’ve been saying it for years somewhat interchangeably with Happy Holidays. Over the years I’ve wished more than one non-Christian friend Merry Christmas to which they took no offense because they knew where my heart was even if I use a phrase that was “awkward” in that particular instance.

Now Trump is going after the Fourth of July. He wants to move D.C.’s celebration to the Lincoln Memorial where the feature event will be a speech by– you guessed it – Donald Trump. Nixon tried something similar (if not quite as egregious) and that didn’t end well to say the least. Remember Trump has yet to live up to the ethics and conduct of Nixon who, keep in mind, was forced to resign in disgrace.

Today there is more of Larry than necessary, so perhaps I shouldn’t be throwing the first stone but I’m a lot closer to my playing weight than Trump. Although unlike him (or so he claims) I was never the best baseball player in New York City. While the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, (perhaps accounting for why I find Trump’s move so offensive), most people prefer Christmas or Easter. What we have to beware of is Trump being measured for a Santa or Peter Rabbit outfit. Judging by the formal wear he sported in London last week he has the physique for either.

Trump is desperately trying to make it all about him and sadly many people are falling for it.

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