My President Is The Poster Child For Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Manchild President Donald Trump has been the prime example of waste, fraud and abuse in government since the first day of his term; starting with the $100 million dollar inauguration. Sunday he outdid himself. Let’s explore.  

This article is being written on Monday morning and it would not surprise me if Trump is released from Walter Reed by the time it is published at 1am EST Tuesday. He doesn’t want to listen and/or his physicians are so weak that they just do what he tells them anyway so why waste the resources any longer.

Late Sunday afternoon Trump put on a display of arrogance and distain for human life worthy of a pop star not a president! It was typical of the egotistical and criminal behavior that has marked his presidency.

As of this writing it still impossible to ascertain just how sick Trump is based on publically available information. In the spirit of previous Trump physicians Dr. Sean “Conman” Conley made a statement that was deceiving at best. He failed to answer a simple and relevant reporter’s question despite the reporter’s repeated attempts. Vice President Mike Pence is arguably the best straight faced liar in American political history. Let’s just say that Conley is not in Pence’s class. Trump lies so often that it has become expected behavior; like breathing. I don’t know how good a physician Conley is (my impression is not very) but he is certainly not a good conman because his lies are apparent, not convincing.

Every campaign we hear almost every political candidate rail against waste, fraud and abuse. They are the core operating principles of the Trump administration and this weekend was an appalling example highlighted by Sunday’s spin around the block.

Friday Trump was effectively air lifted to Walter Reed where he received the medical version of throwing the kitchen sink at his ailments relative to COVID-19. Remember we, the American taxpayers paid for all this and it’s not cheap. If you needed to get to the hospital because your reaction to a COVID-19 infection required it the best you could hope for is an automobile ambulance (which is much less expensive than a helicopter).

Sunday Trump decided to have the Secret Service take him for a spin outside the hospital to the delight of his fans. (This idiot still thinks the presidency is an episode of The Apprentice.) In the process he put the staff and patients of Walter Reed along with the Secret Service at unnecessary risk. One thing we do know is that Trump is infected with COVID-19 and therefore a health danger to all who come in contact with him. If you or I decide to take a spin around the block the cost is negligible. When the president moves so do many other pieces of the federal government and we, the American taxpayers foot the bill. Most of us pay more than $750 a year in federal income tax, the primary source of government funding.

Resources, including medical resources, are finite. Walter Reed is primarily a veterans’ medical facility. That means that all the resources that Trump used – and I contend mostly abused – constitute an opportunity cost for American veterans. Despite his rhetoric to the contrary Trump doesn’t care about veterans. In fact he considers them to be losers and suckers. While Trump was treated some veteran was not.

I contend that the resources expended on Trump were a waste because he is acting in such an irresponsible manner. If nothing else the Trump-led “tone” of messaging is a fraud. It is obvious that Trump is abusing the system. Even the First Lady had the good sense not to visit him in the hospital because she realized that since she has also tested positive she would be needlessly endangering her Secret Service detail by having them drive her to Walter Reed.

Waste, fraud and abuse with large portions of skimming and extortion thrown into the mix; that about summarizes the Trump administration. It all starts at the top and Trump is the Don of this organized criminal enterprise.

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