My President Is Such An Obvious Liar It’s Rubbing Off

President Trump lies a lot! He lies more than any other president or any politician of consequence that I can remember for that matter. With all that practice you would think he would be pretty skilled at it. The reality is that he is not and he seems to be getting worse as time goes on. His staff has always had to lie and now they can’t even do that well (which is a relative word in this case) or coordinate. Let’s explore.

The first indications that Trump staff members would have to lie at the direct order of the President if they wanted to keep their jobs came on the afternoon of Saturday, January 21, 2017 when then Press Secretary Sean Spicer was forced to summon the press and scold them for reporting the truth that the previous day’s inauguration crowd was small relative to those for President Obama.

The next day faced with demonstrable proof that the press was correct and the President was lying, spokesperson Kellyanne Conway uttered her famous alternate facts statement on national television.

Almost a year and a half into this administration things haven’t changed; if anything they have gotten worse and it is almost impossible for his staff to keep up with the lies and coordinate their messages. Fast forward to the last week or so.

Sean Spicer is gone but his replacement Sarah Huckabee-Sanders states multiple lies every time she takes to the briefing room’s podium. The main difference is that she is arrogantly insulting and condescending whereas Spicer was actually funny because he was so obviously flustered and uncomfortable.

Trying to spin the disastrous meeting in Singapore with Kim Jung-un into a positive Trump cited North Korea’s offer to return the remains of MIA’s from the Korean War. Trump cited the plethora (my word, much too sophisticated for Trump) of parents of Korean War MIA’s who came up to him during the 2016 campaign asking for the return of their sons’ remains. The Korean War ended in July of 1953 and the average age of a Korean War veteran in 2016 was 87. Arithmetic tells me that it is safe to assume that Trump’s story is an obvious lie.

The latest high profile screw-up by Team Trump has been separating children from their refugee mothers at the border. This is blowing up in their face for the inhumane and un-American activity it is. So the main strategy has been to –what else – blame it on Obama and the Democrats by saying it is a Democratic law. The short answer and reality is that it is a Trump policy. Just this past weekend Senior White House Aide Stephen Miller stated so. (He is rumored to be the “brains” behind that decision.) Almost simultaneously DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stated it was a law not a policy. Both tweets were emphatic and both ended with the phrase “Period.”

Working for Trump has to be challenging and frustrating. Perhaps that is why there was a 51% turnover rate in the administration in its first 14 month. That is at least 10% higher than the turnover rate in the first 2 years in the last four administrations (Obama, Bush 43, Clinton and Bush 41).

Mr. President there is no poetic license with the truth.

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