My President Is Not Very Sharp But…

From what we can tell President Trump has basically been a liar at least his entire adult life. You would think after all these decades he would be good at it. Unless you have a mental problem or are willfully ignorant you have to admit that he isn’t. Let’s explore.

I don’t exactly know when it became abundantly apparent that Trump was simply a liar – or as Bill Maher put it, “A bullshit artist”. Perhaps it was during the campaign when he said Mexico would pay for his inane wall. Maybe it was his first full day in office when presented with indisputable photographic evidence to the contrary he insisted his inaugural crowd was larger than Obama’s. In any event someone who wants to write a book about the daily utterances of the Trump White House will have to steal Al Gore’s book title: An Inconvenient Truth.

The thing is that he gets involved in easily disprovable lies and scams that have to come out. Trump is a wannabe mobster and the real mobsters have to be laughing at how amateurish his adventures are.

From the early days of this administration Trump made a major ceremony out of signing what were often useless executive orders. Many actually failed in court. He would sign his name in a bold fashion with a sharpie and then make a major production of showing his autograph to the room and assembled cameras. Many on the political right make a big deal about the ability to write in cursive; perhaps Trump is just pandering to them.

Friday night Politico broke a story of Air Force airplanes refueling at an airfield in Scotland near a failing Trump resort property instead of at an available base in the area. People who can afford Trump’s outrageous fees fly into his resort. The airfield in question is also in financial trouble. If it were to close that would further jeopardize the Trump resort property. American planes normally refuel at an American base where the cost of fuel is considerably less. If Trump can pump a few million dollars into the revenue stream of his neighbor and needed “asset’ for his resort while spending your tax dollars what does he care? A C-130 sticks out like a sore thumb at a private airfield and servicemen or service women talk. Did he really think this one would go unnoticed?

What is scary about this is that reportedly the Department of Defense is thus far not cooperating with an ongoing congressional investigation. They will eventually have to. Malcolm Nance – who is seldom if ever proven to be incorrect on these types of matters – has already predicted a “cover story”. The dog ate my homework isn’t very believable.

This week the Defense Department released a list of projects from which Trump is taking $3.6 billion to fund his border wall after Congress expressly forbade him from doing so. Most of the money is coming from projects at military bases that would enhance the quality of life of our military families (i.e. schools and day care centers) along with programs designed to protect our European allies against Russian aggression. The losers are the troops Trump professes to love so much and the winner is Vladimir Putin. You connect all those dots.

The final item I’d like to deal with today is “Sharpiegate”. While the nation and the global region were preoccupied by Hurricane Dorian the President turned it into an inexplicable lie and distraction (that may be the key). Last weekend it looked like the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina were in Dorian’s path. For some reason Trump highlighted the non-existent treat to Alabama. After that became the subject of countless jokes, instead of simply letting it die or saying he misspoke meaning to say whatever; Trump doubled down on ihis statement. Flanked by Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, Trump held up an official NOAA chart that was obviously and amateurishly altered with a sharpie to extend the cone of uncertainty into Alabama.

Later, when asked about the alteration Trump claimed ignorance despite the fact that various anonymous White House sources claim Trump was most likely the “artist”. The conclusion is that my president isn’t very sharp but he knows how to use a sharpie.

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