My President Is Morally Bankrupt

I try to make the Sunday story about the biggest political news of the week just ended. In order to accommodate my personal schedule I felt it was necessary to write a bit more ahead of schedule than normal; (in this case Thursday morning.) What I decided to do was write about the root of most of the big stories of the first six months of the Trump administration including last week. Let’s explore.

I’ll enter the discussion through a “side door”, but it illustrates the theme I outlined in the title of this article. On Wednesday night I was relaxing with my wife when the news broke that John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer. My wife and I are both progressives and often disagree with the senior Senator from Arizona on policy but we have a special respect for him and his service to America. Our reactions were of sadness, sympathy and respect for the man. John McCain is special! Politically I would love to see him out of office, but via the ballot box not the hospital.

There were outpourings of well wishes from across the political spectrum. His former opponents praised him as did his allies. In fact few ever speak ill of John McCain the person. One who did, (and I among others await an apology), is President Trump. He questioned McCain’s status as a war hero. Trump picks fights with Mika Brzezinski and Elizabeth Warren; McCain showed exemplary character and courage at the “Hanoi Hilton”. I know who the tough guy is in my book!

Trump’s stance on health care often changes more than daily. One of his latest stands is to just repeal Obamacare without a replacement; according to the CBO that would leave 32 million Americans without health insurance and double premiums for the rest by 2026. What leader who cares about the citizens of his country would endanger the lives of 10% of them short of a nation preserving war? In my book one who lacks wisdom and morality.

Several examples of Trump’s historical problems with women surfaced during the campaign none more infamously than the Access Hollywood tapes where Trump bragged of how he could get away with sexual assault. A high school student would be suspended or expelled for what Trump boasted of doing. We expect a teenage boy to have better judgement, self-control and moral character than Trump displayed as an adult.

Unless you are in a state of willful denial you have come to the conclusion that there is something to Russiagate. Damning reports surface several times a week and are met with a series of continually changing excuses. The “explanations” change because more facts are revealed that refute them. In the words of Mike Lupica when describing the actions of Trump and his crew, “The truth is a last resort.”

Increasingly the plot seems to be thickening around international money laundering, much of it via high end real estate. Then there are the seemingly endless violations of the Emoluments Clause by Trump and his family. The old saying “follow the money” appears to have never been truer. (In this case you will need a passport and a jet with your name on the side of it wouldn’t hurt.)

Of course, Trump and company say that is all, “Fake news”. We know there is smoke billowing from every window in the building; it is only a matter of time before the fire is revealed. I am more convinced with each passing day that the Trump administration is an organized criminal organization designed to take in illegal gains and skim money.

All we get from Team Trump are lies and strategic omissions of the facts. One conclusion I have drawn is that when it finally goes down it will go down fast. There will probably no one single event that brings Trump down. At some point the cumulative effect will just overwhelm him as his base and Senate Republicans abandon him en masse.

It is difficult to believe that America has survived six month basically on auto pilot. The question is: Can it survive another 42 months under Trump? I have a suggested title for Trump’s next ghostwritten book – The Art of the Steal. Rickey Henderson will not be employed as a consultant and I suggest the ghostwriter get paid in advance.

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