My President Is Incredibly Stupid

Tuesday was another day full of tidbits in the news, many of which didn’t receive enough coverage because they were overshadowed by other events. I’d like to briefly focus on three of them which prove that (as if many of us needed additional proof) Donald Trump is incredibly stupid. Let’s explore.

Trump made the obligatory comments about the tragic events in Manchester. In doing so he emphasized that he would refer to the bomber(s) as “Losers”. Does he realize what an embarrassment he is to America? He sounded like he was back in that rich boy military/reform high school he attended. Donald, you are 70 not 15; grow up! For the moment you are President of the United States; start acting the part!

His budget hit Capitol Hill Tuesday and many, including prominent and influential Republican Senators described it as, “Dead on arrival”. It gutted many social safety net programs that his voters rely on. One example is SSDI. Six states comprise the top tier in percentage of residents receiving SSDI. They are: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri and West Virginia. Those states all went for Trump in 2016. Many angry voters who felt they were not given enough to live on after they had given their bodies voted for Trump’s promises. He just betrayed them which is politically stupid.

The fact that Russiagate is threatening the Trump presidency has to have penetrated the Donald Dome by now. I feel that he will eventually resign as part of a deal to avoid impeachment while in the process saving himself and perhaps one or more relatives from prison. Things are moving much faster than Watergate but don’t expect that to happen in the next few weeks. In the interim the American public will be frustrated by periods where it appears nothing is happening because the real story will be developing outside the public’s view.

When you are in major legal trouble – despite innocence or guilt – it is important to retain legal counsel. Lawyers are like many other professionals and have specialties. You wouldn’t go to a world class heart surgeon if you needed a brain operation. In the legal profession certain cities are almost universes onto themselves. Washington, being the “company town” that it is – is one of those cities. A smart man in Trump’s situation would have retained a Washington lawyer who had connections and knew his or her way around the federal government. It would also be wise to get someone hot who was just coming off a major victory.

Trump stayed in his comfort zone and retained the legal services of Marc Kasowitz. Trump has used Kasowitz in many instances over the years. He used him in some real estate deals in New York City. He used him to keep divorce records sealed in New York. The last high profile case Kasowitz handled was the Trump University case. He ended up settling it for $25 million and no admission of guilt. If my attorney cost me $25 million plus his fees and expenses I’d call it a huge loss.

Let’s recap: in one day’s news Trump sounds like a wise guy high school sophomore, screws his voters and retains an unqualified attorney to represent him in a “road game”. That sounds incredibly stupid to me!

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