My President Is Incapable Of Critical Thinking

I remember taking tests that made a statement and then offered three possible answers: True, False and Insufficient Data. They taught critical thinking in that sometimes the statement didn’t present enough information on which to base a conclusion. Tuesday morning President Trump illustrated that he is incapable of critical thinking. Let’s explore.

At 6:32 am Fox & Friends tweeted the following: “Former Gitmo detainee killed by a U. S. airstrike in Yemen; at least 122 former Gitmo detainees have re-engaged in terrorism.”

At 7:04 am Trump tweeted: “122 vicious prisoners released by Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!”

Now consider that as President Trump arguably has the best intelligence in the world at his disposal. Yet his tweet was incorrect on several levels simply because he selected True instead of Insufficient Data.

According to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) 122 detainees that were released from Gitmo have returned to the battlefield. However 113 or 92.6% of them were released by George W. Bush not Barack Obama. The Office of the DNI is an executive branch agency; in other words they work for Trump.

There is an old adage that I learned in college about garbage in; garbage out. In other words if your information is bad a decision based on it is almost certainly also going to be bad. If your source is less than credible the information you glean from them must be regarded as suspect. Trump went out of his way to praise Fox and Friends as the best morning news show at a recent news conference. Fox News has a poor track record when it comes to being factually accurate. I certainly would take anything I heard there with a grain of salt and verify it before I acted based on it!

Remember this happened on Tuesday when the controversy over Trump’s Saturday morning tweet hadn’t come close to subsiding. That one appears to be even less credible and the information was obtained from Mark Levin and Breitbart. Talk about questionable sources!

Another factor that is much more difficult to definitively prove is how many of the 122 became terrorists as a result of false detention at Gitmo. If a country swept me up and threw me in a foreign jail without cause I might harbor some resentment.

Stealing from the conclusion of Trump’s tweet, there was a terrible decision made here – Trump jumping to an incorrect conclusion and tweeting about it. This was an easily discredited tweet that hurt nothing except what little credibility Trump still has. What happens when he makes a hasty, misinformed decision about a confrontation with North Korea? Hell, he’s capable of making it on the veranda of Mar-a-Largo to show off to his friends.

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