My President Is Blatantly Corrupt

I do not like the fact but at the moment Donald Trump is President of my country. He is also blatantly corrupt. That is continually illustrated even if the Republican Senate delegation, (with a “half exception” in Mitt Romney), refuse to admit it. It was proven again this week. Let’s explore.  

Tuesday night the New York Times broke the story that Trump instructed the American Ambassador to the UK, Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson, IV, (a Trump appointee and financier as well as fellow member of The Lucky Sperm Cell Club) to try to get the British Open moved to his golf courses in Scotland. For those not familiar with professional golf, the British Open is one of the four most prestigious golf tournaments held each year. Along with the Masters (always held at Augusta), the PGA Championship and the U.S. Open (both always held in America but rotating at various courses) they are jointly known as “The Majors”. In short, it is a huge deal that means big money for the host course for years to come.

To say this is diplomatic malpractice is an understatement. On Trump’s part it proves, once again, that he is using his office for personal financial gain.

Again, it is simply further proof that my description of the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise is completely accurate. It also proves the point that the “blind trust” Trump put his business interests into prior to taking office is not a true blind trust. It is much more like a joke.

There have been countless instances of Trump being financially corrupt just in his brief time in office. If you need examples you have either been in a coma for the last several years or you haven’t been paying attention.

There is an old adage about judging people by the company they keep and that is especially true of the criminally corrupt. It largely flew under the radar but long time Trump business associate George Nader was sentenced to 10 years in prison for child sex offenses. This was not the first time he was charged in America for a child sex offense in addition to having served time on similar charges in the Czech Republic. The point being that Nader had a track record and it will be difficult to call this one fake news or a framing. At best Nader is a man with a problem; at worse he is a danger to society. In any event he was a Trump associate.

After a few brief remarks that were sane Trump reverted to usual his lies and insanity stick during the first episode of the new season of The Trump Comedy Hour (which lasted about 35 minutes) on Tuesday. Steve Nelson of the Trump-friendly New York Post asked Trump about Ghislaine Maxwell. Given the opportunity to go off script Trump revealed his true self. (Free advice Mr. President: this was the perfect opportunity to say the only topic being addressed was the pandemic. That is what a skilled elected official would have done. It is difficult to stick your foot in your mouth if you don’t open it.) As a refresher, Maxwell was the long-time “associate” of the late Jeffrey Epstein who was infamous for his “sexual entanglements” with underage girls.

Trump’s initial answer was, “I just wish her well.”  As if that wasn’t bad enough Trump then continued to say, “I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach and they lived in Palm Beach. I just wish her well.” Trump just linked himself to Maxwell and Epstein – not exactly good company. Trump is wishing someone implicated in statutory rape among other things well. That is certainly strange politics to say the least. Or was it a message that since the charges she faces are federal just keep your mouth shut and a powerful friend with pardon and commutation power has your back? (Remember Roger?)

The Epstein affair is far from over and if the full truth is ever known I expect many famous, powerful people (political and otherwise) to be involved. The “laundry” will not just be dirty; it will be filthy. For the left leaning readers anxious for this to break: don’t be. People on both sides of the political divide and Atlantic Ocean will be involved.

Are these situations somehow interlocked as part of a larger web of indecency? At this point we do not know. Is Trump or has he been directly involved in any of these activities? We don’t know but his actions certainly make him suspect.

For those of us not willfully ignorant we needed no additional proof of Trump’s financial and moral corruption but we got it this week anyway.

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