My President Is An Evil Idiot

By virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment to the American Constitution and my birthplace I am a citizen of the United States. Therefore, whether I like it or not (hint: I don’t!) Donald Trump is my current president. The preceding does nothing to change the fact that Trump is an evil idiot. (I just wish I had more time and space for even more examples than those I will offer today.)

As I commence writing this article America is closing in on one million reported cases of the coronavirus (more about that later). The odds are by the time you read this we will have surpassed the one million mark. In any event we are well ahead of any other country by a factor of at least four. Is this the winning Trump promised us?

The reality is that the number is grossly underreported. This is no longer just me and people like me not trusting the Trump administration and their efforts to deflate the number. This is scientific fact. The number of deaths above the normal level for a similar time period is about double those currently statistically attributed to the coronavirus. Unless there is some other extenuating circumstance I am unaware of, by interpellation, which means that the number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus is about double that reported. Most likely, although impossible to definitely determine, that means the same for number of cases. A fairer current number is closer to 2 million cases and 100,000 deaths. Keep in mind that we haven’t reached the national peek yet.

Instead of doing a prudent job of keeping the American people as safe as possible Trump has (with the exception of a few days) engaged in a daily lying session on national TV in lieu of his rallies. They, along with the pandemic itself are the shiny objects. To a large degree shielded by the distractions his campaign of evil has continued.

His team has now totally shut down immigration – with a few carve outs, all but one of which is to satisfy the greed of his financiers. I often liken politics to sports and one of the biggest mistakes you can make in sports is to underestimate your opponent. That being considered I still think Trump is very far from a genius and I’m being kind putting it that mildly. However, he has at least a few smart, if evil, people on his team. Recent reports confirmed who one of them is. Stephen Miller has been reported to have said that the current temporary ban on immigration is the precursor to a permanent (at least for the remainder of Trump’s presidency) ban. Trump and Miller have been trying to do this since the first weeks of their reign and this provides the perfect excuse.

One of the two justifications given for the ban makes it obvious that it is a sham designed to please the extreme right. The justification was that the ban will protect American jobs during this period of high unemployment. The high unemployment is caused by social distancing and the associated drop in consumer demand for many goods and services. The job loss didn’t occur because immigrants took the jobs of Americans. The jobs vanished; the workers weren’t replaced.

The Republican Party has been trying to sabotage the Postal Service (USPS) since 2006. Trump hates it as one of the misguided parts of his feud with Amazon and Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos. (I could write pages on this.) Now Trump has vowed to block financial aid to the USPS until they raise their rates. His main contention is that the USPS delivers packages for Amazon and they lose money on each and every delivery. Monday the Washington Post fact checkers rated Trump’s claim at Four Pinocchios, there highest falsehood rating.

I have my issues with Amazon – although generally I’m a pro-Bezos guy and I am a digital subscriber to the Washington Post which I consider to be far and away America’s best publication for national level political junkies of which I consider myself to be one. If there was ever a time that we needed the USPS (which is in the original text of the Constitution) and Amazon it is in today’s social distancing situation. The bottom line is Trump wants to hurt Bezos much more than he wants to help the American people.

Trump’s company which leases its Washington hotel location from the federal government has asked that it be included in any federal rent relief program. Mr. Trump, I graduated from a world class business school and spent a time in commercial banking (where I picked up an additional industry specific education). I know what a blind trust is and that sham you presented is far from a blind trust. I also know a conflict of interest and scam when I see one.

Trump may well be an idiot and he may well have cheated his way into a rather skinny Electoral College win despite losing the popular vote by about 3 million. However he is still the President and baring his death (the 25th Amendment is a pipe dream with the toadies he has in the Cabinet) he will be until at least noon of January 20, 2021. The American electorate may well be distracted just trying to stay alive physically and financially but Trump better hope they are also idiots if he wants to remain in office for a second term.

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