My President Is A Very Small Man

Whether I like it or not at the moment Donald Trump is the President of the United States and therefore as an American he is my president. He is physically a larger than the average American man. He stands about 6’1” or 6’2” (certainly not the 6’3” he lists himself at) and is rotund. In fact there is a theory that he lies about his height so as not to fall into a less flattering weight category. (It is also difficult to believe his reported weight.) It is not his physical stature I want to concentrate on today. Let’s explore.

Thursday he took up over an hour of nation TV time to hold an ego satisfying pep rally in the East Room, entering the room to a recording of Hail to the Chief. Having just escaped removal from office he spent the time feeling sorry for himself, praising his sycophants and calling out his perceived enemies in an attempt to intimidate any future patriotic truth tellers. Unlike Bill Clinton who after winning acquittal in the Senate spent 90 seconds apologizing to the nation and calling for reconciliation; Trump apologized only to his family for having to endure the (in his mind unfair) actions taken against him. He outlined a retribution campaign and never spoke of healing.

As he went into a well-rehearsed diatribe of lies I found myself disinterested and paying too much attention to his physical appearance. He was about 15 minutes late. Did he spend that time combing over his hair? Every day is a bad hair day for Trump but Thursday was particularly bad! The attempts to cover his many bald spots were less successful than usual. Am I the only one who is a bit suspect of a 73 year old man without even a touch of grey?

Then there was the area around his eyes. The fake tan that dominates his face terminated around his eyes no doubt due to wearing googles in a tanning bed. In a sort of reverse raccoon look the areas surrounding his eyes are very pale. Also the large bags under his eyes were very prominent. Much like me, Trump has a habit of talking with his hands. (Maybe it’s a northeastern thing.) I couldn’t help but think that the diminutive hands match his moral stature.

He acted like a scorned god – the god part is probably his self-image. He lashed out at the brave truth tellers who bore true witness against him distorting (at best) the facts as he went along. He went so far as to name names often complete with school yard level unflattering adjectives attached. The threats were not only implicit (the way a real mobster acts) they were explicit (the way a wannabe mobster acts). I have long said that the Trump administration is little but an organized criminal enterprise with Trump playing the role of Don Trump. When we get a true Justice Department again I suggest pursuing a RICO investigation and prosecution.

While Thursday was the lowest point of Trump’s actions to date I don’t think we have yet seen the worst. The Senate Republicans have enabled an out of control, unqualified and ruthless chief executive to act unconstrained. European history of the last few centuries is full of morally little men who have controlled their countries as tyrants for relatively short periods of time until they were forcibly removed bringing their countries to ruin in the process. I don’t have to name them here but I will say that three in particular quickly come to mind.

I still maintain that it has fallen to “we the people” to remove Trump from office via the ballot this fall; or at least begin the process. However, I am perfectly cognizant that he may not accept the electoral outcome and will have to be forcibly removed. At that point I hope the Federal Marshall Service and/or the military act and the Secret Service stands down. I know that is an extreme view but I fear it is a prudent one to hold. Trump does not live in reality; he lives in the Donald Dome where he is the omnipotent Don and anyone who is not 100% loyal 100% of the time is a rat.

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