My President Is A Liar!

Yes, Donald Trump is my President and that of all Americans’ whether we like it or not. By the rules and laws under which we conduct American presidential elections he won; it is that plain and simple. That does not in any way alter the fact that he is a liar. The word lie and any of its derivative forms is not normally used in political discourse and certainly not in anything resembling polite political writing; these are not normal times. Saturday I saw a glimmer of hope in our situation. Let’s explore.

Saturday millions of mainly women took to the street around the globe to voice their opposition to Trump’s policies. The demonstrations were peaceful (as they need to be). The visuals from across the country spoke loud and clear. On a personal note some of the women in my family took part in the local demonstration in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m proud of them! The Raleigh organizers expected about 2,000; neutral party crowd estimates range from 17,000 to 20,000. In one Alaska town with a population of about 6,000 over 1,000 people showed up. (Weather wasn’t exactly great in either location.)

Perhaps I’m dating myself, but this reminded me of the anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights protests of the 1960’s. Saturday was great but it will only bring about change if it is the start of a sustained effort. Dr. King taught us that demonstrations don’t solve problems; they bring attention to them. Saturday’s events got our attention!

So the people acted; then it became the media’s turn.

The two newspapers I read on a daily basis are the New York Times and the Washington Post. Both prominently called Trump and/or members of his administration liars in their Sunday editions. That is a big and necessary deal!

How did President Trump respond to the millions of women in the streets? Instead of addressing the issue of the demonstrations Trump sent his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, out to scold the assembled press in the briefing room with a statement that was not factually accurate. In plain English that even Bubba can understand Spicer lied to the press at the direction of Trump. In keeping with the cowardly bully profile of this administration, Spicer turned tail and ran after delivering his lies refusing to take any questions from the assembled journalists.

I had planned on writing about one of two entirely different subjects for today’s article. Events shape our world and our lives. Thanks to the ladies and the leadership of major press organizations Saturday the earth moved.

My President is a cowardly, bullying liar who is totally unqualified for his job. Hopefully the citizens and the press stay involved and vocal to the point they can keep him in control until he vacates the White House. It starts with calling him what he is – a liar.

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