My President Is A Hypocrite

For factual inaccuracy I criticize those Americans who proclaim that Donald Trump is not their President. I, like them, may not like it but the simple fact is that Donald Trump is the current President of the United States. That doesn’t mean I have to like the fact and today I’d like to present another reason why that is so.

To my knowledge the English language lacks a word to describe someone who accuses someone else of doing something that they are doing to a greater degree. I am told there is such a word in Chinese. Like most Americans I am only literate in English. (The only other language that I have even a limited vocabulary in is Polish which I can neither read nor write.) If English had such a word it would describe Trump. The closest we have is hypocrite which is also a very accurate description and I’ll concentrate on that today.

Trump broke into the political scene by being one of the chief birthers. I vividly remember him questioning President Obama’s American birth. He spoke of his man in Hawaii and the very (or was it very, very) interesting things he was finding. Those findings were supposed to be made public in short order – that was years ago. “His man in Hawaii” ended up being an unnamed source (who I suspect never existed) and the revelations never materialized (most likely because they never existed either).

In his recent battles with the press he criticized, (and his surrogates echoed that criticism), the use of unnamed sources. He demanded the sources be named so they could be confronted. Here is the reality: there are patriotic bureaucrats who are terrified of an incompetent and unstable President that are leaking news so the American public can be made aware before it is too late. Trump wants names so he can fire people and plug the leaks. Remember in Trump’s own words the leaks are real.

Saturday morning Trump unleashed another wild tweet accusing President Obama of wiretapping his Trump Tower phones during the campaign. He gave no source other than “Reports”. The rest of the weekend the adult establishment in Washington (including many prominent Republicans) was either denying or scratching their heads over the validity of Trump’s accusation. It seems the reports originated with right wing radio host Mark Levin and were later echoed by right wing web site Breitbart News. Neither of those is generally considered to be a credible source. (Rush Limbaugh has used that trick for decades and made millions in the process.)

In a desperate effort to do some damage control the White House even dispatched Kellyanne Conway. She claimed the President is privy to intelligence unavailable to anyone else intimating that those could be the sources. Well, I guess a good Irish lassie can be excused if she uses a little malarkey but that still sounds like unnamed sources to me. To believe Conway you would have to disbelieve every intelligence professional who commented.

Going back to the campaign Trump used Wikileaks to his advantage. It appears that Wikileaks was fed its information by the Russian intelligence operation and the complete accuracy of what they got from the Russians is suspect to say the least. The Russian connection with Trump is at the root of his current largest scandal. We are a way away from connecting all the dots but it certainly appears there is something there! The specifics and the degree are all that is left to be determined.

One of the disturbing patterns of Trump’s behavior that has emerged is the early Saturday morning Twitter rampages. Is this a deliberate effort to control the Sunday morning talk shows’ conversations? Does Trump (a proclaimed non-drinker) engage in some activity on Friday nights that makes him crazier than normal? Are his daughter and son-in-law, (who are “away” for the Sabbath), the only ones who can control him?

With only the use of a few examples I have proven he is a hypocrite. This is the fourth or fifth article in what is now a series. The really scary part is that we are nowhere near the 100 day mark yet!

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  1. The word you are looking for, for someone who accuses others of behaviour of which he/she is guilty, is “projection”. So whenever Trump levels an accusation, we can be pretty sure that he is trying to distract us from the fact that he is guilty of that which he accuses others. Just think about that the next time he comes up with some outrageous tweet.

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