My President Is A Crook

On January 23, 2017 I published My President Is A Liar. The instances cited in that article came from just his first few days in office. In some ways this is a supplement to that article. Today I’m going to assert that he is also a crook and my evidence will come from his first few weeks in office. This tiger revealed his stripes very quickly. Let’s explore.

This past weekend Donald Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at events he manipulated the press into covering the venues of which all were Trump owned properties. The American people paid for security while private and privately paid for parties were held on those properties within earshot of the President. Not only did the President get a ton of free press effectively advertising his business interests, he charged the American taxpayers for the Secret Service’s “use” of the properties. Trump is the thirteenth President I have lived under and I can never remember any of the others getting infomercials.

If you truly believe that Donald Trump has distanced himself from his business interests by putting them in a real blind trust I have two paths I suggest you follow. If you are still young get a business education from a reputable school. If chronology makes that impractical there is little we can do about your ignorance and gullibility; therefore I would like to put you in touch with some friends I have in Florida who own homes sitting atop sinkholes that they could be persuaded to part with for a full price offer.

I have repeatedly accused the Trump administration of being an organized criminal enterprise. Nothing that has happened since the inauguration has made me rethink my position. In fact the actions of Don Trump and his administration have only reinforced my thinking! The Mafia views their “enterprise” as a family business. Trump views his business the same way. There was a striking, inappropriate and possibly illegal example of that last week. A retailer decided to stop carrying his daughter’s clothing and accessories line for what they say and appears to be falling sales. (Trump and I have similar educations. To me that sounds like a solid business decision.) Within minutes, Trump took to Twitter to criticize the retailer and praise his daughter. (Everything with this guy is a conspiracy. This is also a popular Republican defense that I call the Charlie Brown Defense as in, “Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?”)

Conflict of interest aside; here is a more pressing question: Doesn’t the President have more pressing matters to deal with than his daughter’s clothing line? In three weeks Trump has managed to alienate several allies, bring thousands of American protesters into the streets, and not get hundreds of federal government jobs filled along with becoming the punchline of a healthy percentage of the world’s jokes. I think there is more than enough on his plate.

The word is that his son-in-law Jared Kushner has become his gatekeeper where foreign governments are concerned. Again Kushner has long been part of the Trump family business inner circle. Despite whatever “safeguards” have temporarily been put in place Kushner and his children, like Don Trump himself, will profit from any future earnings of the Trump Empire. Are we to believe that Kushner has the best interests of the United States and only those of the United States in mind when he arranges access to President Trump for foreign leaders, envoys and diplomats? Do you think that just perhaps a pending business deal gets discussed like a not so subtle bribe? I do!

Just in case the world didn’t already know the price of admission to the Oval Office ran through the Trump Empire, Trump prominently seated his sons in the front row for the prime time TV “unveiling” of his Supreme Court nominee. His sons supposedly have nothing to do with the government and are part of the “blind trust” Trump has installed. If that were so why were they at the made-for-TV announcement? Back in the 1950’s I learned arithmetic and this doesn’t add up to anything other than extortion and criminal behavior.

This administration operates much more like an organized criminal enterprise than a government. Sadly, the only logical conclusion is that my President is a crook as well as a liar.

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