My President Is A Coward

John Bolton resigned the other day from his position as National Security Advisor. I’m far from crying over that but it did get me thinking. It really illustrates something about President Trump. Let’s explore.

I am far from a Bolton fan! In fact I am glad he is out of the picture. I think Bolton is a loose cannon who wants to go to war with everybody. I know I wasn’t alone but I literally worried about our national security more than ever with him as the National Security Advisor. However juxtaposed with Trump on the issue of credibility I would tend to believe Bolton (who claims to have the two sentence letter to prove his version of the story).

Trump claimed he fired Bolton; Bolton said he resigned. This is far from the first time this scenario has played out in the Trump administration. Trump likes to play tough guy but the fact is he has only fired one subordinate in DC and that he did via his letter delivered by his then “muscle guy” Keith Schiller.

When Trump fired then-FBI Director James Comey he wrote a letter to Comey which he had Schiller hand deliver to Comey’s Washington office. The interesting thing is that Comey was in Los Angeles on FBI business at the time. That may be a coincidence but certainly the President could find out the whereabouts of the FBI Director. Since I am a firm believer in Nance’s Law I’d say Trump timed the firing for when he knew Comey would be away. Trump purposely avoided a face-to-face meeting or even a phone call. (I have it on good authority that government cell phones work on the west coast and that the president could easily get the FBI Director’s cell phone number.)

The first high ranking person terminated in the Trump White House was the original National Security Director General Michael Flynn who claims to have resigned and Trump took credit for firing.

Comey is a big man at 6’8”. Flynn, while nowhere near as physically imposing, appears to be in great shape for a man his age and was a career military officer. I started to think perhaps Trump was just intimidated. Then the case of Omarosa’s exit from the White House came to mind.

Trump never fired Omarosa; he had then-Chief of Staff John Kelly do it. In fact the next day when Omarosa talked to Trump on the phone he claimed not to know of her termination.

I’ve fired people numerous times in my career. It is never pleasant but I always did it face-to-face. Too often I did it on a Friday to accommodate payroll and felt like excrement that weekend. (With the value of hindsight the biggest mistake I made in firing people was not doing it sooner. I didn’t want to admit defeat and delayed the inevitable.) While not a little guy, I am considerably smaller than Trump. Every job has it good and bad points. One of the bad points of being the boss is that occasionally you have to fire people.

I’m not about to start a fan club for any of the departed executive branch people mentioned in this article. But they all deserved a face-to-face meeting or at least a phone call. Finding out you are out of a job via Twitter or on the television is just plain wrong!

If Trump, with the Secret Service protecting him, doesn’t have the courage to fire people in person or at least on the phone how can we expect him to stand up to the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung-un and Xi Jinping? Maybe that is a stupid question that has already been answered.

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