My President Has Always Overrated Himself

Over this weekend another appalling remark came from President Trump which really angered me. After a bit of analysis I have concluded that it simply fit his long established pattern of behavior. With that in mind, let’s explore.

Friday the news broke that journalist E. Jean Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the ‘90’s. By my count Ms. Carroll becomes about the 17th woman to publicaly accuse Trump of some type of sexual assault. (It is difficult to keep track of alleged Trump sexual assaults and Democrats running for president.)

At first Trump denied the incident, declaring it to be “Fake news”, adding that he didn’t know the woman and had never even met her. That lasted about a New York minute because a photo picturing the two of them at a social gathering circa 1987 immediately surfaced. Did Trump lie or did his self-proclaimed world class memory fail him once again?

As time wore on evidence arose making Carroll’s claim more credible so Trump fell back on one of his old defenses; “She’s not my type.” Well, apparently the feeling is mutual in about 17 cases or the incidents would have been consensual. Trump has always acted like he is God’s gift to women but it appears that is not a universally held viewpoint.

Experts tell us that rape is not a crime of sexual desire; it is a crime of power and hate. Trump is a bully and he has always consistently overrated himself. I’m not qualified to make a diagnosis but my guess is that he is compensating for a deeply held feeling of inadequacy and failure.

The earliest incidence of Trump overrating himself I can immediately recall goes back to the ‘60’s. As recently as 2016 Trump claimed to be the best baseball player in New York City during that era. He said the only reason he didn’t play professionally is that the money wasn’t good enough for him. I guess we have to ignore the three World Series won by New York teams (Yankees 2 and Mets 1) in the ‘60’s and several Hall of Fame players who played in New York during that decade in order to believe Trump.

Trump portrays himself as an extremely successful business genius. The truth appears to be much more along the lines of a rich kid whose father continuously bailed him out. Business legends generally don’t include multiple bankruptcies on their resume nor do they earn a reputation of cheating sub-contractors. Trump appears to believe the intro to The Apprentice which has been long debunked.

During his acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention Trump painted a dark picture of America and declared “I alone can fix it.” To date far from fixing it he has thinking Americans concerned as to whether the harm he has caused is repairable.

Where there is this much “smoke” the likelihood of “fire” is very high. Being accused of sexual misconduct, especially rape is terrible. Even more so if the accusation is false. Denial of a false accusation is both natural and understandable. When you say it couldn’t have happened because by your standards the woman wasn’t desirable enough to rape you display both a misunderstanding of the crime and insult all women (something Trump often does). You also admit you would rape if only the “motivation” was “sufficient”.

Mr. Trump, you may overrate yourself but most Americans don’t today and never did (you lost the popular vote by about 3 million) I’m also willing to bet history certainly won’t!

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