My President Displayed A Huge Character Flaw!

Trump’s Muslim Ban had consistently lost in the courts until the Supreme Court recently rendered what was effectively a partial stay. I refrained from comment on the Court’s decision because it was very limited and the final ruling is still very much in doubt. (If logic is followed the “stay” and elapsing of time negates the administration’s case.) The Trump administration appears to have violated the terms of that partial stay. That too will be litigated; in fact suits have already been filed. This was a policy that illustrated Trump’s values and in my opinion a despicable character flaw. Let’s explore.

There is nothing more personally precious to me than my grandchildren! I would willingly give my life to save any of their lives. My wife feels exactly the same way. (Yes, we value the lives of our grandchildren more than either of our own and we accept that from each other.)

Trump’s Muslim Ban called for temporarily prohibiting people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering America. One of the exceptions the Court allowed was for those with close relatives. When the administration defined close relatives they excluded the grandparent/grandchild relationship. I saw red! If my grandchildren were in danger and their parents couldn’t protect them of course my wife and I would! How could we live with ourselves if we didn’t? What kind of human beings would we be?

This gives us an insight into the kind of person Donald Trump is. He obviously couldn’t care less about his grandchildren. Trump just uses people (as many of those who voted for him will no doubt come to realize). His hypocrisy includes his grandchildren. During the campaign he had no problem using his Jewish grandchildren to deflect charges of anti-Semitism. I tend to personally give him the benefit of the doubt on the anti-Semitism charge. What I do not dismiss is either the pandering to anti-Semites during the campaign or the inclusion of anti-Semites on both his campaign and administration teams.

Trump’s failure to consider grandchildren as close relatives is both revealing and repulsive!

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