My President Continues To Engage In Un-American Activity

Donald Trump became President of the United States as the result of what increasingly looks like a purloined election in which he failed to gain the support of the majority of the American electorate. I’m not making excuses for Hillary Clinton. It never should have been that close; she should have beaten him going away. From his campaign to this day Trump continues to engage in un-American activity. Let’s explore some of his recent exploits.

Last week Joe Biden baited Trump into defending his post-Charlottesville comments in response to a question from the assembled press as he left the White House on way to address the NRA convention. Despite spinning the question and rudely not allowing the reporter to clarify it for him Trump still had to revert to several lies to defend the “Fine people”. Spinning is part of American politics; lying is not.

America’s original sin was racism in the form of slavery. Trump is a racist. Perhaps he can blame it on his upbringing. His father was arrested for taking part in a Klan demonstration and taught a young Donald how to make money in real estate by violating fair housing opportunity laws (and a host of others).

Racism, lying and law breaking are all un-American!

During that exiting the White House rant Trump informed us that he is a “Young, vibrant man.” I’ll let you analyze that one on your own. All I have to say is that Biden got under Trump’s very thin skin.

As Trump spoke to the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison for her activities as an unregistered Russian agent (read: spy) in the run-up to and during the 2016 election on the behalf of Russia. In large part she concentrated on infiltrating the leadership of the NRA. In my lifetime the NRA has morphed from a sportsman’s and safe gun use organization into the lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers and now to the point I think the initials NRA could stand for Nescient Russian Allies. Or to put it in the verbiage of Russian espionage: useful idiots.

Also during what was largely another Trump greatest hits/how wonderful I am speech, Trump announced that he intended to withdraw from yet another international treaty – the Arms Trade Treaty which makes it more difficult for international arms dealers to ply their trade. Riddle me this one Mr. Trump: How is America to be a, if not the world leader, when it continually isolates itself from the civilized nations of the globe? How is that consistent with moral leadership or American values?

As part of the “backstage drama” a rift between NRA President Oliver North (part of a Reagan-era scandal who beat the charges on a technicality) and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre was resolved by North being told he would not be running for reelection. North alleges that LaPierre expensed $200,000 in clothing purchases in violation of policy. If you follow the money the NRA has some very suspect 2016 campaign spending that it didn’t appear to be able to afford. The most likely possibility is that it effectively laundered foreign money into the campaign. Rest assured that law enforcement people (particularly from New York State) are looking into the matter. Russiagate is far from over and could be much more damaging to the NRA than some expensive suits and socks.

Trump would not have liked Harry Truman. This site is named after the 1948 Truman statement that he tells the truth on them. Trump ordered federal employees not to attend Saturday night’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Trump is furious with the press for telling the truth on him. That is unacceptable behavior in the Donald Dome. To a degree I’m glad the likes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway didn’t show. I can’t see how they or their boss fit at an event lovingly called the nerd prom. Nerd implies cerebral and none in that trio are.

Here is a story to stick a pin in as Dr. Maddow would say: it was reported that North Korea sent Otto Warmbier back to America with a $2 million invoice “attached”. While to date Trump denies the invoice was paid we know it was handed to an American official who signed a promise to pay after reportedly being directly ordered to do so by Trump. Considering Trump’s business history of welching on deals it is entirely possible that he promised to pay and then did not. Any way you slice it there is some dishonesty here. Dishonesty is not an American value.

There is more but I am exhausting time, space and my ability to hold my breakfast down. Trump and I are of the same generation and we both grew up in New York State. If Trump is engaged in American activity then the eastern part of New York must have been in a different America than the western part was!

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