My President Can’t Run A Large Organization

With each passing week Donald Trump continues to prove his incompetence to be the President of the United States. To use his language, it is simply a big league job and he is a low minor league player at best. A glaring example of that came across my computer screen last week. Let’s explore.

You will hear Trump defending Republicans complain that the administration can’t do its job because obstructing Democrats won’t let it get its team in place. That is half right; Trump’s team is not in place but Trump’s incompetence, not mythical Democratic obstruction, is the primary reason.

At the 96 day mark Trump lagged seriously behind his immediate four predecessors, (Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and both Bushes). At that point Trump had 26 confirmed, 37 nominated and 3 that failed. Obama: 69 confirmed, 118 nominated and 3 that failed. George W. Bush: 35 confirmed and 50 nominated. Bill Clinton: 49 confirmed, 125 nominated and 2 that failed. George H. W. Bush: 50 confirmed, 44 nominated and 1 that failed.

At the 96 day mark Trump had only nominated someone for or filled 63 of the 593 slots that are subject to Senate confirmation. That is just under 11%. Looking at it from another perspective it is an 89% failure rate when it comes to staffing.

By comparison George W. Bush, whose election wasn’t even confirmed until December 12th in the Bush v. Gore Supreme Court decision, had 85 slots confirmed or at least nominated. Trump was the winner by the wee hours of the morning of November 9th. Barack Obama had the most at 187 followed closely by fellow Democrat Bill Clinton with 174.

As to the charge of Democratic obstruction I have two rebuttals. First and foremost it is impossible to obstruct a nomination that doesn’t exist. A second rebuttal is found in history. The average time it took for the Senate to confirm or reject an Obama nominee was 24 days. In the case of Trump it is 29 days. That hardly accounts for the disparity. Obama had nearly three times as many nominees confirmed or in process as Trump at the 96 day mark.

Running the federal government is not like running daddy’s real estate firm. Donald Trump is proving to be incompetent at the big league level. He simply can’t run a large organization.

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