My (I Hope Irrational) Fear

One of the strengths of America is the peaceful transition of control of the federal government at noon on Inauguration Day. I am among those who are very concerned if that will happen on January 20, 2021. Let’s explore.  

We have already seen things in the first three plus years of the Trump presidency that have left us shaking our heads because we never thought they could happen in America. What will happen if after what I predict will be record interference and voter suppression Trump loses but is close enough to put the outcome in doubt for a portion of the population? What if he flat out refuses to recognize the results of the election and refuses to leave office? I hope I’m being irrational but fear that I am not.

Trump has already made examples of those who have been brave and patriotic enough to oppose him by honoring their oath to the Constitution and telling the truth on him. They have been fired, demoted, put in dire personal financial situations etc. This is wannabe Don, bully tactics. To make matters worse he has the backing of an Attorney General who is beginning to rival Dick Cheney for arrogance and Mike Pence for straight faced lying. The problem is that combined they basically control a vast federal militarized police force.

What if Trump simply refuses to leave office on the afternoon of January 20, 2021 and mobilizes this quasi-military force to surround the White House in a defensive perimeter? Think that is farfetched? I’ll contend that The Battle of Lafayette Park was a “dress rehearsal”.

Monday I caught part of an interview with respected journalist Dexter Filkins who relayed the deepest fear of a current senior military officer who posed the scenario where Trump has a friendly red state governor call up the National Guard and send them to DC to act as or supplement that defensive force. Could we get into a situation where the American military has to fight the American military for control of the federal government?

At that point we have to hope military officers honor their oath to the Constitution and disobey an illegal order. Will that happen? I think it is Pollyannaish to believe that would happen in all cases. America’s street could look like those of a third world country. Add to the chaos right wing militias that will only be too happy to get a chance to use their guns on people.

I never laugh at the homeless because I realize that almost all of us, including me, are just a few bad breaks away from joining their ranks. I stopped thinking less of other countries that basically change governments via revolutions because civil violence is all too possible in America in a few months.

You say you don’t live in DC so the violence won’t affect you. Think again! Just as with the George Floyd demonstrations this will take place all over the country.

If Trump wins reelection I will accept the results. That is democracy and my candidate doesn’t always win. If Trump loses and refuses to leave office I can only hope that those called to keep him in office in violation of the Constitution will remember that the oath they took was to the Constitution and not to any individual.

Now here is the real wild card: what if we get an obviously partisan Supreme Court ruling in Trump’s favor? You say it can’t happen; well I’ll counter with Bush v Gore and raise you the future of America. Vote and vote early if possible!!!!!! That is the least you can do.

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