My Green Socks

Timeline: Lunchtime on Friday. Again, measured by “ink” the biggest political story of the week just ended (by the time this is published) was the Trump legal soap opera. The timestamp is necessary because the situation is dynamic. At a distant point in time, I know I had a pair of green socks. If I were foolish enough to buy Donald Trump’s malarkey, I might have a place to look for them.

Trump got the special master he wanted, (and I may owe him a sort of apology), and it hasn’t worked out quiet the way he anticipated. Judge Raymond Dearie appears to be a no malarkey kind of guy who, much to Trump’s chagrin, follows the law. He is asking the Trump legal team for evidence and statements. Innuendos don’t hold any weight in his courtroom. Unsupported statements on Truth Social or Sean Hannity’s Fox News show are not admissible as fact evidence nor will Dearie consider them.

Last week New York State Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James, laid out a civil lawsuit against Trump and his three oldest children that was so strong and severe it basically eradicated Joe Biden’s speech at the UN from the news. I’m of the opinion that this one is a sure winner for James and will never go to court. Trump will delay as long as possible but at the eleventh hour he will settle and James (who is holding all the high cards in this game) isn’t going to settle for a slap on the wrist. She will insist on putting Trump, Sr. out of business in New York State and that will include his ability to do business with any banks operating in New York state – which includes just about every major bank doing business in America including several foreign owned banks.

The side drama is just how much he is willing to hang his three oldest children and perhaps which ones. If he can save himself in the process, I think the boys are toast. Ivanka is a question mark. If nothing else she is his favorite and perhaps the only person he cares about in the world other than himself.

The civil charges could possibly put him bankrupt. I don’t know just how much that matters other than a blow to his ego. I can’t prove it but I have no doubt that he has enough money offshored by now that considering his age he is set for life in a worse case scenario. Prison time is another matter. (If it comes to that I consider Trump an extremely serious flight risk!)

Part of why James’s case is such a legal slam dunk is that it is a civil case. The burden of proof is much lower and the use of the Fifth (which Trump and others involved did hundreds of times) can be used against them unlike in a criminal proceeding. There are several entities that are or could be looking at criminally charging Trump. In her news conference James announced that she was making criminal referrals to the IRS and SDNY. Under circumstances that I will at this point reserve comment on, the Manhattan District Attorney appeared to at least backburner its investigation soon after Alvin Biggs took office. Will that continue or will he jump on the bandwagon wanting his share of headlines?

The IRS issue deserves special attention. Every president since Richard Nixon (not exactly a saint) had released their tax returns until Donald Trump came along. Just let that sink in for a moment. If the IRS investigates Trump (and they may already be doing so for all we know) they don’t have to get his tax returns; they already have them. I’ll let you connect those dots.

In Georgia, Fulton County DA Fani Willis is going ahead with a serious criminal investigation. She, like James, is not bound by a sixty days before an election “quiet time” rule.

Trump’s woes on another front seem to get worse by the day and that is the January 6th Committee. They are also not bound by any sixty day rule and in fact are scheduled to hold another public session on Wednesday.

Among Trump’s insane rantings are that the FBI may have been looking for Hillary Clinton’s missing emails at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe that’s where my green socks, which I can’t remember seeing in this century, are .

I think Trump is at his most dangerous since the time between the election and Biden’s inauguration. Remember that is the time period when 1/6 happened. Trump and his various organizations have never been much more than an Organized Criminal Enterprise which is being exposed more than ever. He does have a group of useful idiots who are willing to be his thugs on command. Will he call them out? I think that is very possibly; what does he have to lose?

Politically my question is when will elected Republicans and Republican candidates (other than Trumpers who got to where they are simply because of Trump) realize he is a loser who only cares about himself and appears to be going down. A smart Republican would distance themselves from him and be prepared to make a quick and complete break in the very near future.

I have never been to Mar-a-Lago and I don’t see why the FBI would have my green socks let alone plant them as evidence. Guess I might have thown them out when I moved to Florida in 1999.

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