More Than I Can Cover

At the risk of dating myself a common greeting among friends is, “What’s happening?”. Politically I’ll attempt to partially answer that question in the following paragraphs.

The 364 Day Year

Republicans are trying to just pretend that January 6, 2021 never happened. They are simply pretending the day never even existed. This is a common Republican approach to problem solving. Basically, they are trying to do the same thing with climate change. Willful ignorance may influence your base voters but it doesn’t negate reality.

Interesting Approach

Florida’s abortion law has been challenged on the basis that it violates the religious freedom of Jews. I won’t get into all the details here but I find this challenge very interesting. The current Supreme Court – where most abortion challenges end up – seems to hold religious freedom as one of its highest principles. Then again, the majority has displayed no shortage of hypocrisy and contradiction. In any event this is worth watching develop.

Sorry Joe

I’m basically a Biden administration fan but I’m not afraid to call it out when I feel it has erred and I certainly think it did recently when it lifted the requirement that travelers show a negative coronavirus test result before entering the United States. My analysis is that it bowed to the political pressure of industry and the large portion of the public who is “over the pandemic”. Their problem is that the pandemic isn’t over them.

Recently the number of new cases has basically plateaued (along with the percentage increase/decrease) at between 100,000 and 110,00 new cases per day. That is the reported number; we know the actual number has to be much higher.

Larger Than Many Thought

It was recently reported that the transgender population in America is over 1.6 million. That is larger than most of us would have guessed. Part of the reason the number is growing is that more and more young people are being honest instead of living a lie.

To put that number in perspective it is larger than the population of 11 states.

A Candidate For The Driver’s Seat

At some point in the future, I intend to do an article on the clown car of 2022 Republican candidates. In all honesty it will be a bus, and probably a very big one at that. But we already have a candidate for the driver in Ryan Zinke. Zinke won the GOP primary for the new House seat in Montana. Zinke served in Trump’s cabinet and left under the cloud of numerous scandals. Don’t they have televisions and newspapers in Montana?

Good Guys With Guns

I know I’m dealing with incomplete information but the news that as many as 19 armed police officers waited in the halls of the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas as the shooter remained in the classroom with bleeding and dying children appears credible. Maybe it’s my white privilege showing but I’d like to think that police officers are mainly good guys.

Guess that shoots holes in that theory. No pun intended; that would be distasteful!

Another Trumper Who Is Running

Michigan will elect (hopefully reelect!) its Governor this fall. One of the Republican candidates is Ryan Kelley. Last week the FBI arrested him for his involvement in the January 6th insurrection that tried to keep Trump in office contrary to the will of the voters and the Constitution. Kelley is far from the only 2022 GOP hopeful with 1/6 ties.

Next Month

This is another date to watch – July 15th – Donald Trump along with his two  oldest children is scheduled to be questioned under oath by the New York AG’s office. The walls just keep closing in on him.

Unacceptable Conduct

Recently a man was arrested (basically after he turned himself in) for threatening to kill Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his home. I’m no Kavanaugh fan! Far from it! In fact, I feel he should be impeached and removed from his position (with this Senate that will never happen.)

That said, no government official at any level should ever feel unsafe in their home regardless of political philosophy. It is simply un-American, undemocratic and unacceptable!

World Class Fool

Former Trump Trade Advisor Peter Navarro was arrested for defying a House subpoena. Navarro was his usual indignant self when he addressed the press after leaving custody. Why anyone listens to Navarro is beyond my comprehension.

It’s real simple Pete, despite what you apparently think of yourself, you are basically a nobody and when you get a Congressional subpoena you show up, period.

The answer to the opening question is: More than I can cover. As if Monday’s hearing didn’t give me more than enough material I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s session and you should be too so I’ll let you go.

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