Miscellaneous Fears And Observations

During the course of observing life and politics many random observations and thoughts come to my mind. These days I often make note of them in my iPhone hoping to utilize them in future writing. There are many left over from the 2016 Presidential campaign and the hours just after we learned its outcome. I’d like to share a few of them with you today.

Would Donald Trump dare wearing one of those make America great again (MAGA) hats to his inauguration? He doesn’t strike me as a particularly bright individual but those hats really make him look stupid and anything but presidential. In case he hasn’t been able to figure it out, gentlemen in America stopped wearing hats on January 20, 1961. That was the day of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration where he bucked tradition and went bare headed.

As a general rule of thumb I don’t like wearing hats. Since moving to the South I have developed a medical problem with too much exposure to the sun and occasionally (not as often as my physician and wife would like) have to don one. When I do it is a Tampa Bay Rays hat; the official on-field version which cost about $30 a piece. About every two years I buy a new one.  It costs a bit more, but I get the real McCoy which is fitted to my head, not the band in the back one-size-fits-all version. I don’t think Trump is as wealthy as he claims (whatever that number is this week) but he definitely has much more money than I do or ever will. If I can afford $15 per year for a real MLB hat why does he have to wear a fake ones with a slogan emblazoned on it that denigrates America?

I guess I should be happy that Trump figured out the brim goes in the front.

In watching Mika Brezezinski and Michelle Obama speak during the closing days of the campaign I swear it looks like both of them have larger hands than Trump does. In the case of the First Lady I’d be willing to wager on it – I’m that certain. Of course, the then Michelle Robinson was a division I college basketball player in reality. Trump was the best baseball player in 1962 New York City in his mind only. No wonder Trump feels threatened by intelligent women.

Could the previously mention MAGA hats end up being to the Trump administration what the WIN (whip inflation now) buttons were to the Ford administration?  Both are pretty silly ideas put forth by less than brilliant men. Both were intended to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the population. The WIN button was an utter failure that was quickly relegated to the attic, basement or garage. I’m certain the MAGA hat will join it both in domicile and “success”.

If Hollywood decides to redo The Wizard of Oz I suggest they cast Trump in the role of the wizard. Trump loves being the “man behind the curtain” who manipulates the media (which he mocks) into covering him. When they do to the point of exposing his true identity and motives he does his modern day, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” routine.

Well, that cleans out the best of a bunch of notes. Now I can go back to joining those still paying attention to politics in watching who Trump appoints to high position in his administration. There are plenty of laughs there but they are of the scary variety.

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